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KEP validity - Tosu to Fukuoka Airport 2019/2/6 09:06
Tried searching for this but couldn't quite find the answer so it may be straightforward.

When driving from Tosu to Fukuoka Airport, this involves travel on the Kyushu Expressway (covered by KEP) and the Fukuoka Urban Expressway (not covered by KEP).

Will my entire journey from Tosu to Fukuoka Airport not be covered by the KEP if I take the Dazaifu IC (since I exited at a border IC)? Or is exiting at Dazaifu IC ending my Kyushu Expressway journey (all covered by KEP) and then at the same I pay to enter the Fukuoka Urban Expressway (not covered by KEP).

Seems like this is quite a common route so common sense would say the 2nd situation applies but just wanting to make sure.
by mojoblazer  

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