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Japanese Car Scene 2019/2/6 13:08
Hi Guys,

I'm a 25 year old Australian, heading to Japan solo for the first time in November / December 2019.

I am hoping to experience a bit of what Japans Car Scene has to offer.

I'm an ameteur photographer, so would be keen to hit up some meets.. But ultimately I would love to reach out and establish a connection with some likeminded people before I head over.

I know I'm a total Noob with this, but would appreciate any help or advice in achieving the above.

Thanks ! 😁😁
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Re: Japanese Car Scene 2019/2/7 05:02
(I know NOTHING about cars, but) there was a thread a couple of years back about the drift racing scene, and how to get tickets to an event.
You should be able to find it via the search function. Maybe that might interest you?
Also, are there not specialist websites for this sort of thing that might be searchable (although I guess theyfd be in Japanese)?
Good luck in your search.
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Re: Japanese Car Scene 2019/2/7 06:03
I'm not the biggest car guy, but if you plan on being in Tokyo for part of your trip, google Daikoku and Tatsumi parking area. I have never been, but apparently, there are car meets on Friday and/or Saturday nights at these parking areas. You might need to rent a car yourself to get to these places, though. Definitely do some research on this, though. As the prior post said, you will probably have better luck getting more info on a forum on a specialty site. Youtube is another good resource. There are some great videos out there created by foreigners, who were able to really dive in to the scene. Perhaps messaging those youtubers might yield some information.
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Re: Japanese Car Scene 2019/2/7 06:28
Also, once youfre over there, it might be worth getting to a good magazine shop and checking out the car magazines.
Ifm a little bit into scooters, and I always come back from Japan with a stash of scooter magfs.
Even your basic convenience store has one or two...
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