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puzzle instructions 2019/2/7 13:50
hi everyone!
i am trying to write a letter about a wood puzzle to my japanese friends. However, i’m just a beginner and could not write complex sentences. i also got a little help from a translate tool. Please point out my mistakes and give some suggestions. thanks so much!

Can you solve the puzzle?

i hope you enjoy the game

message me for hints and solutions!
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Re: puzzle instructions 2019/2/7 15:54
This sentence is okay, except わ should be は.
It is understandable, just sounds somehow unnatural.
メッセージ is a noun, so you need to add a verb する (subject to form changes) to it. And also, ために when follows a noun, means "for the benefit of", and therefore not suitable for your intended sentence.

I personally would write them as below:
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Re: puzzle instructions 2019/2/7 16:00
Thanks so much for your prompt reply!
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