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renew spouse visa 2019/2/8 14:45
Hello everyone.

My spouse visa will expire in june, so I already want to prepare documents from april.

I am worried about Something...
My husband quick his job months ago and we will more to another city soon Because he is looking for new job.

I will also quick my part-time job Because we move.
I am afraid none of us will have job when we submit documents to immigration.

Please any advice?
by miu (guest)  

Re: renew spouse visa 2019/2/9 12:45
Not sure what sort of advice you are looking for...
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Re: renew spouse visa 2019/2/9 12:59
Well, the facts about the circumstances around you cannot be changed.

When you apply to renew the spouse resident status, I believe the Japanese spouse needs to submit their tax certificate that shows their income. If you want to apply in April, then the most recent tax papers they can obtain will be the one based on his income in 2017, I believe (the one based on 2018 will not be ready at the city hall yet). So that might just be fine.

I donft know how far and how soon you are going to move, but be sure to get all the papers you need from the city hall, and make sure you give immigration the correct address so that any communication will reach you.

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Re: renew spouse visa 2019/2/11 09:09
I used spouse for 5 years. Please explain your situation on separate paper. As long as you are living together on spouse visa, its a plus point. Anyway, your husband is looking for job. You may have previous tax papers. No need to worry. Please show your savings proof too as additional document.
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Re: renew spouse visa 2019/2/11 21:31
Thanks for your replies.

I wish everyone can share their experience about spouse visa.

It is my first time to renew it.
We gonna collect all documents at cityhall before moving.
We plan to move end if march or early april.
About saving... We dont have much saving actually.
I wonder if that can be reason to be denied TT
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Re: renew spouse visa 2019/2/12 10:15
saving does not count as financial income.
If you both do not work you can explain you are searching, but it may be possible your spouse visa will be only one year. This is something you need to consider.
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