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Possible itinerary for July 2019/2/9 01:54
My daughter is attending a conference in Tokyo in July, and has suggested that I come over and join her for a holiday in Japan - she knew that it's a place I've always wanted to visit. As an itinerary, I'm thinking that we'll spend another two days in Tokyo, then go to Hakone for a day, then Kyoto for three days (including a visit to Nara), then a day or two in Kanazawa before returning to Tokyo. Are these reasonable periods of time to spend in these places - and is there anywhere else we should visit? We're only interested in getting a general picture of the country, rather than focus on any particular aspect.

Many thanks
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Re: Possible itinerary for July 2019/2/9 15:04
With only seven days. I'd just do Tokyo and one other location. Not enough time to do four different locations.
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Re: Possible itinerary for July 2019/2/9 21:10
Agree with PP to do less places.

Depending on your interests you could either do only Tokyo with day trips to Kamakura,l or Nikko and if you like an overnight in Hakone.
Or do mainly Kyoto with a day or two in Tokyo.

Note that July is/can be very hot and humid.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Possible itinerary for July 2019/2/10 05:55
With just a week, I'd stay closer to Tokyo, unless you are really elderly or sure that you won't be returning to Japan again. Although if you wanted, you could get a regional pass like the Hokuriku Arch Pass and see Kanazawa with an overnight, and perhaps some places in Nagano on the way back. The Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa is often regarded as the finest historical garden in the country.
Another option would be using a JR East Tohoku Area Pass and going up to Sendai and Matsushima for a day trip or overnight - Sendai is just an hour and a half by bullet train away, and Matsushima is one of Japan's Top 3 traditional most beautiful places. Actually by bullet train, you could see some other places in Tohoku quite easily if not far from the bullet train line, and still use the pass for places near Tokyo.
For much closer travel though, you could use a Tokyo Wide Pass and there are dozens of great places you could see...
such as Nikko, Hakone, the Fuji 5 Lakes area, Karuizawa, Kusatsu, Izu, Kamamura/Enoshima, Kawagoe, Takao, Okutama, Yokohama, the Ushiku Great Buddha, Nokogiriyama, Minakami, Showa Kinen Park, and more.
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Re: Possible itinerary for July 2019/2/11 23:58
Many thanks for all your replies. There's a lot to think about; I think we either have to extend our stay (which depends on my daughter) or cut back on our itinerary. I hadn't factored in the weather either. Thanks again.
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