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San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/9 15:38
I am planning to fly to Yonago and coming back from Okayama. I have found this San'in Okayama Area Pass which I am thinking to buy 2 passes for my 8-day stay; one for the first 4 days and the other one for the last 4 days (the pass costs 4,500 yen for 4 days) http://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/ticket/pass/sanin_okayama/
My rough plans are as follows:

Day 1: Bangkok - Yonago Airport, staying at Yonago
Day 2: Mountain Daisen, staying at Yonago (start using the pass as Day1)
Day 3: Yonago - Tottori, staying at Tottori
Day 4: Tottori Sand Dunes & Tottori Castle Ruins, staying at Tottori
Day 5: Uradome Coast, staying at Tottori
Day 6: Tottori – Okayama, staying at Okayama
Day 7: Cycling around Kurashiki, staying at Okayama
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10: Flying back to Bangkok
I would be grateful if anyone can suggest me some natural places for my Day 8 -9 or I should add some places during my first 7 days. Please note that my interests are all natural places which can be accessed with this pass.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/9 21:07
I would add: Bitchu Takahasi and Inujima to you Okayama stay. You can remain in Okayama and do it as day trips. Disclaimer: i have not been (yet) to Izumo and Matsue but they also sound like very nice destinations.


Cycling in Kibi plain was really nice. I hear that between Izumo and Matsue there is also some nice cycling.

I didnft not know about the pass, but are you sure it will pay off? You are not traveling around that much. Just calculate (eg hyperdia or google maps) what would be the normal fare.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/10 05:34
Matsue would be the first place that comes to mind. You would probably love the Yuushien Garden very much. There is also the Matsue English Garden, and the Adachi Museum. And if you really want to get away from the tourist crowds, since you are talking 2 days, there is Okinoshima just off the Honshu coast. One other idea is the Tottori Prefectural Flower Park.
The last thing that comes to mind is visiting a hot spring (onsen) somewhere - no visit would be complete without one.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/10 06:17
I have stayed in Yonago before when I visited Tottori and Matsue. It was just a place between Tottori and Matsue, and I am not sure if I recommend staying in Yonago. It's not a bad or dangerous place, but there are not much to see and do in Yonago, unless you want to see the Eshima Ohashi bridge and you are a fan of Shigeru Mitsuki (manga artist who is famous for yokai-related manga). If there is a next time I would stay in Matsue. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e5800.html

I would visit all the way to Hagi, and take a side trip (not covered by the pass, but only 580 yen from Masuda) to Tsuwano. Tsuwano is definitely worth extra 580 yen.

Then the standard tourist attractions Izumo-taisha Shrine and Matsue Castle. I don't understand why people want to see a ruin of castle when you can see a real castle still standing.

As LikeBike wrote, I would do a math on buying 2 passes.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/10 08:15
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/10 09:57
Yes, make sure the pass will pay-off. Many of the trips in that area are low cost, but the pass can be good if you are coming from/to Okayama. There are also some specific San'in passes that offer some discounts - again, they may not offer any actual saving, so check the cost against your schedule and planned activities.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/10 17:11
Thank you all for the good suggestions. I will do some more researches and will add those suggested places into my plan. Thanks :)
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/12 00:27
If you want to make the most out of the pass, you should consider visiting some of the outer areas, such as Hagi, Masuda, Oda, Hamasaka, Miyoshi, etc.

In Shimane:
Hagi has a really nice historic district and there are bike rentals that make it easy and pleasant to travel around (sites and historic districts are scattered about).

Masuda has 2 nice temples with gardens designed by Sesshu.

From Hashi Station you can walk to the famous AQUAS Aquarium. Their beluga shows are very popular.

From Oda Station you can take a bus to Iwami Ginzan, a World Heritage Site. Although the silver mines are not technically "natural", the feel of the area is a good combination of nature and culture.

In Okayama:
Niimi sounds good for you, since you are interested in nature. It has 2 caves and a waterfall.

Also from Chugoku-Katsuyama Station you can take a bus to Kamba Falls, Yubara Onsen, and the Hiruzen Highlands. Around the station is the famous "noren town", as well.

Tsuyama is a really nice town with the castle, Shurakuen Garden, and a nice historic district with quite a few houses that can be visited (mostly for free). There is also Yokono Falls with nagashi-somen if you are traveling in the summer. From Tsuyama there are also buses to the Okutsu area which has a famous hot spring and gorge.

As others have mentioned, Takahashi is great. The castle is among the best in Japan and the only original mountain castle left in the nation.

If you have an interest in the samurai Musashi Miyamoto, his birthplace is located near Miyamoto-Musashi Station. Your pass gives you access to Chizu Express lines.

In Hiroshima:
That line that goes to Miyoshi is in northern Hiroshima Prefecture. If you like nature, you should try to visit Taishaku Gorge and Onbashi, one of the world's largest natural stone bridges. There are a few buses per day that depart from Tojo Station.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/12 06:04
Wow...Rabbityama you sure have been quiet lately.
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Re: San'in Okayama Area Pass 2019/2/13 00:16
Wow, Rabbityama. Many thanks for lots of deep information. Lots of places are very new to me. It is very very helpful, esp. in utilizing this pass.
May I please ask you for more details?
1. You mentioned that there are 2 caves and a waterfall in Nimmi,
- Do you mean Ikura-do cave where I can walk from JR Ikura Station and Maki-do cave? It seems as for Maki-do cave, I have to take a bus for 40 minutes from JR Ikura Staion correct? Also, if you were going to choose one, which one would you go for?
- As for the waterfall you mean Kinugake Falls and how to get there?
2. Can I explore Tsuyama by walking? Are most highlighted places closed to the JR Tsuyama station?
3. To get to Taishaku Gorge, do you have any details on a bus timetable from Tojo station? And in order to get to Onbashi Bridge, it takes a 30-minute walk from the Taishaku Gorge right?
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