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Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/9 16:39
Rental car places I looked at were wanting 220,000 to 600,000 yen to rent a car for 2 months. Just trying to see if there are other cheaper options, including renting a car from a local.
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Re: Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/9 19:07
um? 220,000 is a great price for 60 days.
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Re: Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/9 20:39
So you really need a car each single day?

Realistically only if you are going to stay all the time in a very remote area or going between close by (!) remote areas.

For longer transport trains / planes are way more efficient and cheaper.

Note also express way fees.

Enjoy your time in Japan!
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Re: Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/9 21:25
Well, rental car is interesting way of travel in Japan, for some type of travelers. You can go almost everywhere if you have plenty of time and you don't need to prebook accommodation, which gives you flexibility. If you can't get hotel/hostel on the day, you can even sleep in the car, which will save money. Of course this is not recommended for everyone, but I guess the OP might be this type of person.

I just searched on the net and found this website.

I am not sure whether this is reliable, but this site shows the price of 50000 yen for one month. Maybe there are more other companies providing cheep prices.

Hope you nice travel in Japan.
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Re: Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/10 10:13
Let me guess, you are from a country with poor and inefficient infrastructure where everyone drives.
Japan - you can go 98% of all the places that normal tourists want to go using the cheap/reliable public transport. For the odd occasion you need to go to the other 2%, then get a car for 12-hours (not a day, not a week, but 1/2 a day). Autopolis in Kyushu would fit in to the 2%, and I rented a car for 2 x 12 hour periods for that.
4,000 yen per day for a car rental, add in 1,000+ yen per day for parking, then the hassle and slow driving around the country (speed limits are very low), and the expensive tolls (even if you get the tourist toll pass) those add up.

Yes, for a two month trip a car might save a little, and provide some convenience, but it is less typical. If you want a driving holiday - then rent a car.
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Re: Cheap rental car options for 2 months? 2019/2/10 15:14
Did a 2 1/2 month tour a few years back and found it easier to just purchase a used car. We used it to cover the Sea of Japan coast, Tohoku, and Hokkaido. By the time we got to Tokyo, we'd gone through about Y60,000 in tolls and I don't remember the gas but it was about the same. At the end of the tour, we sold it for about half what we paid. It wasn't a large car and it wasn't too old so shaken wasn't a problem, but we paid somewhere around Y400,000.

If you're going to places like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka, forget driving. As stated earlier, public transportation is frequent, on-time, and cheap. I've toured on a 750cc motorcycle and have had trouble parking it in cities. Plus, once in the summer in the city my brake fluid overheated putting bubbles in the line as I was stopped in traffic for long periods, sometimes waiting for 3 "blue" (green) lights before I could make it through.

If you're mainly interested in smaller places, mountains, and countryside, a car is the way to go.
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