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Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/9 16:40
Hi, Ifm planning to ride the Shimanami Kaido from Onomichi to Imabari in 1 day next month, 1st week of March, 2019 and I have a couple of questions:
1. What can I expect weather-wise? Windy, Rain? Freezing temperatures? Or Pleasant?
2. When I reach Imabari, whatfs the best way to get back to Onomichi? I might bring my own folding Brompton bike. Is it by bus? Where can I read more about this and get a bus schedule? If for any reason I miss the last bus, is there a taxi I can get to bring me back or is this not advisable? If I donft bring a bike and rent, will my transport back be the same?
Thank you,
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Re: Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/9 20:35
Weather: it should be still quite cold, but not freezing. Rain possible but itfs not a rainy season.

Logistics: of you bring your own brompton, do NOT forget to bring its bag. I am not sure about the buses in shimanami Kaido , but take it from a fellow bromtonist, that bicycles in Japan are only allowed on public transport in a bag.

I looked up information on Shimanami Kaido before riding it about 1,5 years ago as part of a two months trip on my bicycle through japan : http://bicycletraveljapan.blogspot.com/search/label/Shikoku+Planning?m...

Taking a taxi back sound VERY expensive.

Enjoy your ride!
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Re: Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/12 13:36
Thanks for the advise. I guess Ifll bring a wool jersey and a wind breaker for the weather. I was afraid if the cost of a taxi ride either but didnft want to get stranded in Imabari if I miss the last bus. Ifll just have to make sure I start early enough. Yes regarding the Brompton bag - itfs already dangling from the seat. Thanks for the tips.
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Re: Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/12 16:35
I found one bus company that allows bicycles on board for extra 550 yen (in addition to 2250 yen reg fare). Reservation is required for bicycles. But this bus runs on weekends and holidays only. http://onomichibus.jp/images/sce_flyer.pdf
It's in Japanese. means Onomichi.@ means Imabari.
It runs 3 times a day (on weekends and holidays). From Imabari Pier to Onomichi, departure times are 08:47, 13:50, and 16:43.

There used to be another bus that allowed bicycles on board that operated daily. I cannot find that at the moment. I will keep looking.
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Re: Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/12 17:26
Unless you're super fond of your own bike (i.e. you hate the thought of riding anything else), I'd recommend just renting one from the cycling center at either end of the Shimanami Kaido, then dropping it at the other end. That way you don't have to worry about whatever mode of transportation you choose to get back to your starting point (bus, boat, taxi, etc.) allowing you to bring your bike or not.

The bikes at the cycling centers are all well-maintained, and honestly there's nothing all that challenging in terms of inclines or road condition along the Shimanami Kaido.
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Re: Shimanami Kaido Logistics 2019/2/12 17:28
Oh, and should you miss the last bus back to Onomichi from Imabari, it'd might very well be cheaper to spend the night in Imabari (or elsewhere nearby) and take an early bus the next morning, rather than a taxi.
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