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school vaccine 2019/2/9 20:23
Are vaccinations mandatory for school kids in Japan?

lf I want to enrol my son in a Japanese school, will he be accepted if he is unvaccinated?

Will child services be called if Japanese parents do not vaccinate their children? and what of ex pats?

by Jennifer (guest)  

Re: school vaccine 2019/2/10 12:01
As far as I know, they are grecommendedh but not gmandatory.h Children and their parents can decide.
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Re: school vaccine 2019/2/10 20:46
Here is some information. It says that the law puts the onus on you to ensure your children are vaccinated but I do not recall ever hearing of arrested parents for failure to comply with the law.

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Re: school vaccine 2019/2/10 21:12
I should have been more specific. Since Paul provided more details: where they say in the first paragraph gparents have a duty to make efforts towards having their children immunized,h this used to be, in the past, an obligation. Now the law has been amended, and it is only a gduty to make efforts.h So no penalty or whatsoever, even for the groutineh type.
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