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sentence translation 2019/2/10 00:42
hi everyone, it’s Noel here:)
i would like to know how to say:
the wood puzzle is made from trees fallen during the attack of Typhoon Mangkut in Hong Kong.

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Re: sentence translation 2019/2/10 11:06

Copy to below, then click speaker icon to play.
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Re: sentence translation 2019/2/10 12:30
I wonder which is right.
1 ”made ... in Hong Kong"
2 ”fallen ... in Hong Kong"?
3 “made … in Hong Kong … fallen in Hong Kong”?

According to this information,
The typhoon “Mangkhut caused flooding, especially in low-lying and coastal areas, and over 47,000 trees were knocked over, blocking several major roads. “

I dont’t konow the fact, but my opinion is in favor of the second interpretation…
Would someone tell me about the fact?

"fallen" should be translated as "倒れた".
If the second interpretation is correct, my translation is "このパズルは台風マングットの激しい風が襲う(during the attack of Typhoon Mangkut)香港で倒れた木を材料にして作られています。".

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Re: sentence translation 2019/2/10 14:59
Thanks for all your speedy replies;)
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