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Email to Japanese host family 2019/2/10 12:54
Hi there! I’m a high school student going to Japan for a year long exchange in a month and a bit. I’m supposed to contact my host family before my departure,but I’m not sure of my host family’s English ability so I’d like to write a Japanese parallel. My Japanese is not so great so could someone please look this over to see if it makes sense? Thank you :)

[family name]家の皆様
こんにちは、はじめまして。お世話になるこうかん留学生[my name]です。片言の日本語ですみません。 私は日本語の勉強、がんばります。私のメールアドレスは[email]です。よかったら、メールをおくってください。
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Re: Email to Japanese host family 2019/2/10 16:29
Try to not use ください when making requests in such contexts. It is quite strong, and implies that the person has some sort of duty to do as you say, so you'd use it, say, when requesting an item from a shop clerk.

So instead of メールをおくってください (please send me an e-mail), say something like メールをおくってくださったら幸いです (I'd be grateful if you sent me an email).
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