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Unpasteurized cheese in Japan 2019/2/10 20:33

Does anyone know if unpasteurized cheese is common in Japan? I am 25 weeks pregnant and traveling in Tokyo. Unfortunately I picked up a cheese pastry (sort of like a hot pocket?) from an upscale grocery store and realized after eating it that it contained Gorgonzola or some other type of blue cheese. I had thought when buying it that it would only contain hard-type cheeses, which are safe for pregnant women (soft unpasteurized cheeses, however, are not). I microwaved it for a minute but Ifm still freaking out about the listeria risk!
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Re: Unpasteurized cheese in Japan 2019/2/14 07:31
An older thread to look at:

I don't think much is unpasteurized/raw in Japan. I've never come across any.
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Re: Unpasteurized cheese in Japan 2019/2/14 11:21
I was pregnant with my first child last year in Japan too! All I can say dont worry too much, everything will be ok! the risk of listeria is very law even if it would have been raw cheese, which I really doubt!
Wish you a happy time and enjoy your pregnancy ;)
Btw if you dont feel any different in the next couple of hours everything is fine!
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Re: Unpasteurized cheese in Japan 2019/2/23 03:10
Thanks for the responses \ itfs been a few weeks now and Ifm feeling fine so hopefully Ifm in the clear.

As for the radiation concerns, I thought food products were pretty stringently tested for radiation in Japan?
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