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13 day trip Tokyo->Tohoku->Hokkaido 2019/2/11 17:22
Hi! I am planning 13 days trip to travel Tokyo (2 days)->Tohoku (5 days)->Hokkaido (6 days) in early May.

Any advice on a good itinerary in Tohoku for 5 days? which prefecture to visit and how long to stay at each prefecture?

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Re: 13 day trip Tokyo->Tohoku->Hokkaido 2019/2/12 14:19
You could easily fill 5 days in Tohoku using Sendai as a home base. There’s affordable hotels right across from Sendai Station and it makes for convenient travel to Matsushima, Hiraizumi, Yamadera, and even the fox village.

Sendai itself has quite a few things to check out, too. Zuihoden is very colorful and sits in a nice wooded area.
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Re: 13 day trip Tokyo->Tohoku->Hokkaido 2019/2/15 12:00
Since I do not know what you are interested in in the Tohoku region, I will introduce you to the WEB site.


Tohoku- A Moment in Time by Trip Advisor

If you visit Tohoku while moving from Tokyo to Hokkaido, I will drop in at Sendai - Morioka - Aomori.
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Re: 13 day trip Tokyo->Tohoku->Hokkaido 2019/2/15 14:38
Aomori is worth stopping at for the Nebuta Museum alone. Nice food market next to it, too.
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Re: 13 day trip Tokyo->Tohoku->Hokkaido 2019/2/16 04:43
My boyfriend and I spent 6 days in Tohoku this summer, followed by 2 days in Hakodate (southern Hokkaido). We stayed in Sendai for 3 nights, from where we did day trips to Yamadera and Tashirojima (cat island). Then we moved on to Aomori, where we stayed for another 3 nights (which was a bit too long in my opinion, but my boyfriend loved Aomori). From Aomori, we visited Mt Hakkoda and Osorezan. Finally, from Hakodate, we visited Onuma Quasi National Park.

I would definitely recommend visiting Osorezan. While the temple, Bodaiji, is nothing special in my opinion (apart from its story), the volcanic activity in the area is really fascinating. Especially Lake Usori is stunning. But apart from that, I really loved the day trips we did in Tohoku, and from all the regions I've visited in Japan, I like Tohoku the best. Sendai and Aomori are nice cities, too, but there's really not that much to do.

Enjoy your trip!
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