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Leopalace Damage Policy? What to Inspect? 2019/2/12 03:15
Hi, i am a foreign gakubuinsei who has just moved in to a Leopalace21 apartment in Osaka. I will be here for like 4 or 5 years (i am kinda like it here).

Many people on the internet complained about the repair money that they have to pay when they move out. Apparently, this makes me anxious.

I want to know, is this agency as bad as what they said on the internet? I mean, do they inspect even a slight and tiny defect on the wooden floor?

I have this anxiety because there are lots of pre-existed defects like tiny holes (probably from impact of hard object of the previous tenant, and also scratch) on the wooden floors.

I am a student and i dont have that kind of money. Sorry if this thread seems so sad and dark.

What kind of things do i have to keep in mind so that i dont have to pay excessive amount of repair (apart from the compulsory standard cleaning fee)?

Thanks a lot, need some opinios to ease this mind of mine.
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Re: Leopalace Damage Policy? What to Inspect? 2019/2/12 17:33
When you move in, you should inspect and list all damage found. Even take pictures. That list should be (have been) shared with the realtor/Leo, dated and signed. That way, only damage that is not listed becomes your responsibility when you move out.
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Re: Leopalace Damage Policy? What to Inspect? 2019/2/12 21:38
Take pictures for proof or ask them to repair the current damage.
There is nothing bad about the system and is general used, not only for foreigners, but also for Japanese.

There are even apartment companies who are asking money when you leave to renovate the room.

I do not see the problem here
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