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Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/12 23:00
hello all. I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'll give it a try.

I work in the automotive industry here in Tokyo/Yokohama. I'm employed by a foreign company. I really don't want to go into details, but about a year ago there were some changes in the company and little by little it's been turning into hell. Understaffed teams, aggressive management, terrible planning, very overloaded and stressed people, and overall a pretty bad situation. I understand that companies have their good and bad moments, so I tried to put up with it for a while thinking that the situation would improve over time, but there's just no light at the end of the tunnel and I'm starting to feel affected both mentally and physically. So I decided it was time to take a look at other pastures.

After talking to a few recruiters it seems that there's a possibility at Nissan. Trying to ignore for now what the whole Carlos Ghosn drama, I just wanted to ask if there's somebody here that works in Nissan and can shed some light about the company's work-life balance situation. As I said, I'm already trying to escape a really bad situation, and the least I want is to make a move to a company with the same or even a worse problem. I have a really good salary now, but I'm willing to take less money for a more humane job.

If anyone has any experience to share, please do let me know. It will be very appreciated.
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/14 15:34
Why don't you first apply and see if you can get a job offer? Even if you still refuse in the end, I think having an interview at a Japanese company is a good experience in any case.

That being said, I also used to work here for 10 years for a foreign company, but slowly got frustrated with my work, so I applied in a Japanese company and accepted their job offer and will start working there from summer.

But you should be in the clear, that in most japanese companies, your salary will be lower than what you used to have at a foreign company and also understand that you will start with only 10 vacation days a year, which will slowly rise over the years to 20. In addition normally Japanese companies expects you to do at least some overwork. In the company where I will be starting it is on average 20 hours a month, but can also be more. However, most companies will pay for this overtime. although not all of them.

But like I said first apply, see if you can get a job offer, check the conditions and then decide.
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/14 20:07
when your new position is something higher in which you have a chance to steal the company's money, you may worry about the Carlos's case.
if not, you are simply one of many workers.
I think Nissan has become more clean.
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/14 22:51
hello City Hunter, thanks for the advice.
I applied and have not received an offer yet, but the recruiter told me that Nissan would at least not decrease my salary, which is already something positive. Same for the vacation days. They would basically try to match my current benefits, but probably not make a super juicy offer as is usual when changing jobs. About the overtime pay, I would not receive a single yen, nor do I do today, and that's because the position is at Director level and the law does not consider overtime pay for such positions. Anyway, not a surprise there. So I guess I'll wait for an offer (hopefully) and then make a thoughtful decision.

Hello Ken, thanks for your reply.
Well, one does not need to be always at a really high position to be affected by the top management wrongdoings. For example, with the recent news about Ghosn, there are many rumors that Nissan might be trying to go back to the old days and get rid of foreigners in the middle and upper management to return full control to Japan. As someone aiming for a Director position, it concerns me whether this shift in mindset might eventually affect the stability of my job or my growth opportunities in the future. Right now, it seems to be a time of changes for Nissan and nobody is really sure how things will turn out. Don't make the mistake of thinking company culture only affects a few people at the top, it all cascades down. And by the way, for your information, even entry level Managers or staff can steal money if they are clever enough. You'd be surprised of how much employees can get away with by misreporting various expenses...
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/15 09:36
Well, if you are in a director position that changes things, but I am not sure if you should do the jump then to a Japanese company. In most Japanese companies, the pressure can be sometimes lower from the higher management compared to foreign companies, but often you might get frustrated, because you might feel more qualified then they are. The problem is that in most Japanese companies age still matters more than the actual skilled, so many older people tend to end up in positions they are completely unqualified for. However, that seems to get better in recent years.

Additionally, you mentioned that you want a less stressful job and also try to find a job where you can balance your work and life better. This is also an aspect which the Japanese government tries to improve, however many Japanese people will still put their job above all else including the family and there could be some people in your new company who expects you to feel the same way in a director position. Also in Japanese companies it is often assumed that as a director you will start working earlier and go home later compared to the people below you and that could be hard, because some Japanese don't mind much working late hours. You will also risk loosing the respect from some people if you are not willing to work late hours. This might be different depending on the company, but it is still pretty common in Japan.
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/15 10:43
then, what is your question ?
I just tell you that, when you compare Nissan and Renault, Nissan earns more money than Renault now. so, Renault does not want to lose Nissan. but, Nissan wants to be independent or to be an equal partner to Renault. I think the Nissan's action is quite normal in the scope of foreigner's culture.

I give you and Carlos (and Renault) to the words from the old famous book, Heike Monogatari.

there are many words for winners.
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Re: Anyone from Nissan? 2019/2/15 13:14
City Hunter,
You have very good points, and that's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted to hear. I don't personally know anyone in Nissan to tell me what kind of environment or business culture they have. They have (as of now) a very mixed management composed of both foreigners and japanese, so I've heard that the culture is somewhat in the middle. Some things are still very japanese, but some western practices have been adopted through their alliance with Renault. The points you mention are very valid and definitely need consideration.

To ken,
I think my question was very specific: what kind of environment or business culture can I expect there? And I asked to ignore the Carlos Ghosn situation because that would complicate the discussion, but then you arrogantly assume that I'd be just "one of many workers" and need not worry about that. I said you're wrong and you ignore my answer. so do you want to discuss the matter or not then?

And who cares if Nissan is earning more than Renault or not now (which by the way is thanks to Ghosn). I also never said weather Nissan's tentative new strategy to get rid of foreigners would be right or wrong. I only said it would be something that would have an impact on my career and therefore needs some consideration. You think we're discussing here foreigners vs. japanese? You have not given one piece of useful advice. Get rid of that nationalistic pride. Thank god most Japanese people are not like you.
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