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Tokyo-Jigokudani-Takayama too ambitious? 2019/2/13 08:41

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help offered!

We are off on our honeymoon soon with 14 days in beautiful Japan early April .

Tokyo we have 5 days and on the last day planning to go stay one night in Takayama on the way to Kyoto. I really want to see the Jigokudani snow monkey's so am wondering if we can/should on the day travelling to Takayama go via the monkey park or just make it a day trip from Tokyo itself.

We have JR passes and I think can get there with these?

Thanks all!
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Re: Tokyo--Jigokudani--Takayama--too ambitious? 2019/2/13 10:52
It would be doable. But you'd arrive at Takayama quite late in the day. So you'd probably want 2 night in Takayama.

I'd persobally just do it as a day trip from Tokyo. Much more slower.
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Re: Tokyo--Jigokudani--Takayama--too ambitious? 2019/2/13 11:33
If you mostly want to rely on JR (The train to Yudanaka from Nagano is a private line and then I believe you need to take a bus to the actual park from Yudanaka) you have to leave Yudanaka on the 14:02 if you want to make it to Takayama before 19:00, otherwise you're going to be getting in closer to 21:45 because there are just limited trains between Toyama and Takayama. The 17:13 is the last Hida of the day between Toyama and Takayama and there are only a limited number of local trains that do the whole route. The Nagoya to Takayama route has more train options in general.

Good luck!
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Re: Tokyo-Jigokudani-Takayama too ambitious? 2019/2/13 13:03
I would also look up how many monekys are really expected there in April. It might be mating seasons or something and they might be up in the mountains.
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Re: Tokyo-Jigokudani-Takayama too ambitious? 2019/2/14 09:58
April is not mating season - that is November.
Getting the train from Nagano and then a bus from Yudanaka is more tedious than just getting the direct express bus.
Consider staying in Nagano over-night otherwise it would be a long day-trip (doable), or a longer journey to Takayama. You can also chose the route to Matsumoto and the scenic trip to Takayama from there. I find two nights in Takayama is good.
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