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Sakura available from 13-21 April in Kinki? 2019/2/14 18:22
Dear all,
I am planning to be in Kinki from 13-21 April, traveling from Nagoya - Inu CIty - Takayama - Toyama - Kanazawa - Toyoma - Kumamoto - Ena - Nagoya during these few days.

This year prediction that Sakura will bloom earlier so I am wondering if there is any chance that I could view Sakura in one of these places during the period from 13-21 April?

Thank you very much for your help.
by ENGPING GOH (guest)  

Re: Sakura available from 13-21 April in Kinki? 2019/2/15 12:26
Keep watching these pages until before flight day.
Current expectation(blooming front = first blooming date) is too early, just the possibility is NOT "zero".
(by 3 different famous private weather companies, based info from JMA)

Blooming front coming from warm to cold, means S to N, W to E, and lower to higher ground(mt. area).
3-5 days later will be blooming peak, also peak days are not so long, around 5 days usual.

Sakura(cherry blossom) contains more than 500 rare species,
but "sample tree" is "SomeiYoshino" except Okinawa and the southern part of Hokkaido.
This has the largest number in Japan and even in the world,
and in some famous cherry blossom viewing spots are stands more than 1000 trees.

If you have luck, you should go also here, bc a special spot where rare species can be seen
than any botanical gardens and famous viewing spots in Japan(in the world).

And, Inu City???, meant "Inuyama","Ise","Ina","Gifu", "Hida" or "Izu" City?, I guess.
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Re: Sakura available from 13-21 April in Kinki? 2019/2/15 18:36
You may have a chance to see cherry blossoms blooming in Takayama as I experienced it last year during that period.
You may also visit Mount Yoshinoyama or Mout Koya in Kinki region.
Good luck!
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