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Student Visa - Age Query 2019/2/16 13:33
Hi! I am planning on going to a graduate school in Japan in the field that I have been already work on (I am a lawyer) and I already got accepted to a program under the economy faculty of a reputable university in Tokyo. My school has applied for my COE in mid-December as the school starts in April and I am still waiting for my COE. While I have been told that the student visa is usually a pretty straight forward process (particularly in those cases where the school in question is not a language school), I was worried if my age would raise concerns as I am 38 years old and have traveled to Japan many times previously as a tourist. I also submitted them financial documents proving that I can support myself while in Japan. Have any of you had any experience applying for a student visa at an age, which is not traditionally seen as a student age?
by Burcu Basar  

Re: Student Visa - Age Query 2019/2/17 02:11
A visa is never guaranteed and they can deny for any number of reasons, but being 38 years old is not going to be one if them if youfve been accepted onto a programme of stude in Japan and can prove it. You are FAR from being the oldest person to have gone to study in Japan so provided everything else I said in order there will be mom problems.
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Re: Student Visa - Age Query 2019/2/17 13:46
Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated. I should post an update here when the whole ordeal is over, hopefully soon.
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Re: Student Visa - Age Query 2019/2/18 21:05
I have today been informed that my COE is issued. In my case, it took 8 weeks since the date of application.
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