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Fuji Hakone Pass 2019/2/17 19:27
I will travel from Shinjuku to Hakone on 13 May (2 nights ) and then to Kawaguchiko on 15 May (1 night ) .

We will be traveling to Nagoya after this. Seek for your advice if FUJI HAKONE 3 DAYS PASS still valid for my return trip to Shinjuku on 16 May morning or is there any alternative faster way for me to travel to Nagoya directly from Kawaguchiko station?
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2019/2/18 18:21
No, pass validity days is calender date, not 72 hrs(24 x 3) pass.

Book expressway bus, 2 bus companies(FujiQ and Meitetsu) shared, same fare.
New season timetables (fr Apr 1) just not uploaded yet, maybe soon.
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2019/2/19 08:43
Other forum users suggest the bus to Mishima.
Quite simply, Kawaguichiko is a pain for most people because it is out on a spur and quite a long way from Tokyo and the shinkansen network for onward travel.
If you swapped the order and finished in Hakone, getting to Odawara and then heading south would be faster/easier.
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2019/2/24 00:59
What will be the fastest way to go Kawaguchiko from Odawara if I'm using Fuji hakone pass?
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2019/2/24 09:50
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