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I need advice on moving to Japan 2019/2/17 21:51
Hey everyone!
My friend, my relative and I would love to move to Japan since we have such an interest in the country, the culture, etc. We're all just around the age of 18 so we're not expecting to pack our bags and leave as soon as possible - we know this will take A LOT of planning, saving and time. Also, we don't plan to move there for a very long time, just 1-5 years, depending on which visa we apply for. We would love a new experience in our lives. I'm asking so soon because we would like to know which direction to take in this for the future. The two visas that have stood out to us the most are.
Working-Holiday Visa. (I believe this is 6 months to a year)
Artist Visa (I don't know too much about this, so information on this would be great. I believe you need 4 years of work experience in art, film-making, photography, etc. in order to move to Japan.)

I know I don't have too much information - which is why I'm starting off here hoping people will give me some advice and maybe give me information about different visas.
And we all are Irish citizens if that is of any help. We don't particularly want to do English Teaching because apparently, the pay and working conditions aren't all that good.

Also, I am learning Japanese and my relative and friend will soon be learning. We don't feel it would be a good idea to move to a country without knowing the language.

Thank you.
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Re: I need advice on moving to Japan 2019/2/18 10:44
This is a questions forum, so it's better if you actually ask a question...
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Re: I need advice on moving to Japan 2019/2/18 19:17
Visit the website of your local Japanese embassy for information on visas. If it's not enough, contact them directly. This is something you should research thoroughly yourself before posting on a forum, especially given the (apparently) early nature of your research.
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Re: I need advice on moving to Japan 2019/2/18 20:32
1. Study at a Japanese university
2. Get a university degree in your home country then apply to JET/Eikaiwa
3. Do a 1-year Working Holiday
4. study at a Japanese language school

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