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Central Honshu Weather in March 2019/2/18 01:44
Hi there, I am planning to visit the central Honshu region (Kanazawa, shirakawago, Takayama, Hirayu, Matsumoto) in early-Mid march.

I am just wondering what the weather will be like?
I understand that it may still be cold (low 10s celcius) but will I need to wear snow boots etc?

I am specifically interested in the weather in shirakawago (visiting 11 March 2019). Will there still be snowfall?

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Re: Central Honshu Weather in March 2019/2/18 16:11
Hi, this website might help http://ml.shirakawa-go.org/en/saijiki/winter/

Essentially snow is likely to still be on the ground. But bear in mind it may be muddy and slushy and quite slippery where there is ice - it was when we were there in late December. The slipperiness was the worst part, people were falling over left right and centre.
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Re: Central Honshu Weather in March 2019/2/18 16:28
The slushy comment is important - specifically when considering driving. I try and not drive in the honshu mountains in March unless I know what I'm doing with icy roads (which I dont)....
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