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Japanese company is holding my visa hostage 2019/2/18 17:08
Last year, a Japanese company applied for a visa (artist visa) for me to come Japan. The visa application was denied, however. Now, almost a year later I'm trying to apply for a student visa to study in Japan instead.

However, none of the schools I've spoken to say they can do anything until the previous artist visa applicant (the CEO of that Japanese company) co-operates and supplies me with the forms he filled out for my previous application.

The problem is that my only mean of chatting with the CEO has been via LINE and Twitter, as we have never met in person, and lately he's totally stopped responding to my messages. This means right now, the only thing standing in my way of obtaining the visa is this company CEO refusing to answer and send me the papers.

So, what are my options now? Can I hire some sort of immigration lawyer to force him to respond? Can my country's Japanese embassy do something, or should I just call the police? Surely it can't be possible for his simple refusal to co-operate to be the one thing keeping me from getting my visa, that I'm otherwise seemingly eligible for.

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Re: Japanese company is holding my visa hostage 2019/2/18 18:51
No they are not holding your visa hostage.

Many people have visas denied and then attempt to gain entry using a student visa. So immigration ask that school collect extra info about these situations if they are alerted to them.

I understand this to be frustrating. But the other business has to go out of their way for you to collect all those papers for someone that failed to get a COE/Visa and never worked for them. It is time and money they don't wanna spend.

Yes hiring a immigration lawyer is the smart thing to do. Calling the Police will make you look like an idiot.
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Re: Japanese company is holding my visa hostage 2019/2/18 18:58
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Re: Japanese company is holding my visa hostage 2019/2/18 21:19
Which country you are from? I deal with recruitment with companies. Normally, japanese companies don't apply for visa if you are not in japan. That's why they stop replying you. Please don't push the people, japanese people don't like it, you can't force any company to apply your visa. Please change your approach. Now a days many guys from nepal and india come on student visa in japanese languages school, its easy to enter in japan. But Let me tell you, even if you come on student visa, its difficult to find a companies who will sponsor your work visa. Some students came to me. Some student told me that Hello work office is also unable to help students .
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Re: Japanese company is holding my visa hostage 2019/2/19 10:39
I thought that when applying for visa you need to fill in the documents.
A company can sponsor but does not fill in the documents.

It is better to reconsider the meaning hostage since you do not have a visa or had.
Because of your misunderstanding and your actions you have made it more complicated for yourself.

Best is to hire an Immigration lawyer and consult the appropriated steps.

Think fist before doing actions which you may regret or make it more difficult for you.
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