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JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/19 17:36

Can anyone help to confirm and verify whether I can still use JR Sanyo Sanin Area pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line (ShinOsakaKobe)?

I read from http://www.westjr.co.jp link that Bullet Train "TOKAIDO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-OsakaTokyo) cannot be used with JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass. Does this means it is not allow from ShinOsake to Tokyo direction but it can be used for travelling from ShinOsaka to Kobe direction?

Yet I read another site that states this pass does not cover the Tokaido Shinkansen.

Thank you
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/19 19:01
Be careful, "Tokaido/Sanyo Line" and "Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen" are different. Also Kobe station is not on the Shinkansen, but Shin-Kobe station (in Kobe city) is. What exactly are you looking for here?
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/19 20:43
The Tokaido Shinkansen ends in Shin-Osaka. Westwards after Shin-Osaka, the line is the Sanyo Shinkansen. The Sanyo-San'In pass cannot be used on the Tokaido Shinkansen (Shin-Osaka eastwards.) You can go to Kobe on the pass. Shin-Kobe on the shinkansen or Kobe on regular lines.
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/20 04:01
"Tokaido Shinkansen" route is not written on this rail map of the official pass website.
(btw ShinOsaka and Maibara and more east)
BC the east Shinkansen section fr ShinOsaka stn is "JR-Central", means NOT the pass saler "JR-West".
"Conventional line(JR Kyoto line)" parallel to the Tokaido Shinkansen to move fr ShinOsaka to east,
this conventional line in this section is the JR-West's, so this means pass covered until Maibara
and if you move to Kyoto, etc, you have to change to a conventional line train.

Opposite direction, there is no "JR-Cental" rail fr ShinOsaka to Kobe and more west.
You can take "Sanyo Shinkansen" or conventional line(JR Kobe line).
However, in this section there are some non-JR lines, be careful.

This rail map is not perfect, but easier to understand.
This map is around Kobe.
(JR kobe stn placed more west on map left, means NOT JR "ShinKobe" of Sanyo Shinkansen)
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/20 12:30
Dear Advisors,

Apology that I have not been specific/clear with my question.

I need to travel from Wakayama station to Hotel crown Palais Kobe. Using Google map to gather result below. The best route is via JR Kuroshio to Shin Osaka then at Shin Osaka transfer to JR Tokaido-Sanyo line to Kobe station.

I like to clarify does JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass covers the JR Tokaido-Sanyo line between Shin Osaka to Kobe station according to Google map result shows?

I am confused when I saw the Google map result showing "Tokaido-Sanyo line" and not sure if my pass covers?

NAL, you have mentioned about conventional line (JR Kobe line) between Shin Osaka and Kobe, is this Tokaido-Sanyo line = conventional line (JR Kobe line)?

You have meantiined in this section there are some non-JR lines too, how do I make sure that I get on the right conventional line (JR Kobe line) that the pass can covers from Shin Osaka to Kobe station?

Appreciate very much all your assistance.

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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/20 15:54
JR Commuter and shinkansen trains are cover between Shin-Osaka and Kobe.
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/23 07:13
You can also take "JR Kobe Line" trains by that Pass.
The reason why the line name is different and route mistake of Google(G) will be explained in 2) and 3).

1) transfer :
JR-West's official route finder(tranfer search) teached me best result than G.
Transfer will increase 1 time, means 2 times total at ShinOsaka and Sannomiya,
but if you can book the reserved seats of both Ltd express trains,
you can sit until "Sannomiya" station long, just ahead of Kobe and reach there 5 mins earlier.
Reserved seat tickets of both Ltd express trains can also be booked before Wakayama
even at JR station where has "Midori no madoguchi= JR's ticket window's nick",
including "KIX station" or even in far region such as Sapporo(Hokkaido), Tokyo, Hiroshima and more.
The result of G is not so bad, but I can not recommend it to travelers who travel with big baggage.
Bc if you can not sit down at the next stop "Osaka" station get tired.
The peak of evening rush has already overed during that weekday, but it is still crowded usual like these.
(skip to 22:40 and play until the end)

2) route name :
The route name G result shows "Tokaido-Sanyo Line " is not wrong,
but can not to be said "correct" route name as formal, also directions at stations and announcement.
(from wiki)
"Tokaido Main Line" is a major Japanese railway line of the JR group network,
connecting "Tokyo" and "Kobe" stations, it is 515.4 km (320.3 mi) long.
The western part of the Tokaido Main Line fr "Maibara" to "Kobe" is operated by JR-West.
Although the line is divided into three segments, known as
JR Biwako Line (Kyoto - Maibara), JR Kyoto Line (Osaka - Kyoto), and
JR Kobe Line (Himeji - Kobe - Osaka) as line nick.
I write it in English here, but in fact it is written in "Roman (specialized Hepburn)",
but it is small different, mainly long vowel (a, i, u, e, o) pronunciation becomes long or not by "macron".

In the section nicknamed "JR Kobe Line",
the section fr Kobe station to Himeji west is changed to "JR Sanyo main line".
The 2nd train end station is in the JR Sanyo main line station, so G is just showing it like that.
However, since this is not used at the actual station aleady mentioned above with station photos,
please look for the guide display of JR Kobe Line at the ShinOsaka Station.
It seems that this time is not the first time in Japan,
so you do not need explanation of how to view train departure guidance, I guess.
Transfer at Shin-Osaka station, Platfom is 1F, but because there is no 2F in the ticket gate,
you have tol go up to the 3F once for transfer, below link is station map written in EN.

3) wrong operating route of G :
Only the part surrounded by a RED circle on the 1st map is wrong.
On the 2nd map, the BLUE line is "Kuroshio", and the RED line is the 2nd train fr "ShinOsaka".
"Kuroshio" does not stop also pass at "Osaka station",
bc Kuroshio enters the freight line before and on to JR Kyoto line again as detour Osaka station.
The 2nd train goes down to Osaka station only through JR Kyoto line, no entering this freight line.
This is a route map of "Ltd Express Haruka" connecting KIX, passing through the same freight line.
You can understand immediately that passing "JR Osaka Loop Line" counterclockwise is the wrong.

I do not know why such a big G-Maps bug is left unattended, but this is very rare.
I often see cases where search results that require transfer are not perfect, though.
Anyway, only the 3rd problem is not important, no worry.
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Re: JR Sanyo Sanin pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line? 2019/2/25 12:50

Thank you so much for your precise and detailed explanation to clear up the bubbles I had.... it is alot of information and technical to digest for a tourist who simply just one to travel from one point to another...

Thank you for sharing about the possibility of G-Maps bug especially transfers are required. Will try to double check with Hyperdia or JR-West's official route finder when using G-results. I use G heavily for trip planning especially when the nearest station or bus stop to board is not known to me.

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