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Itinerary Feedback Pt.1 (Kansai) 2019/2/20 16:23
HERE IS MY ITINERARY (PT. 1) Link: https://i.imgur.com/EJ2cxTK.jpg

Decided to work on it separate from Tokyo, so it's easier to get in my head / get FEEDBACK for.

I think I did a lot more research than my last post, I'm looking for:

general opinions / feedback / duability / recommendations

Personally, shrines and such aren't my biggest interest but I thought it would be a good experience to not go to any, so I choose some ones I thought I'd like / were within the areas of my planning.

HERE IS MY ITINERARY (PT. 1) Link: https://i.imgur.com/EJ2cxTK.jpg


Few Questions


Still overwhelmed by all the transportation, but I know a JR pass would not be a good choice, and I can just buy a Pasmo or Suica card? and load onto it for the whole trip? Is there a better one // can I reclaim left over money from either? I think It'll be easier once I'm actually there, the map keeps hurting my head haha.

Out of the four places I'm going to at the moment Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Tokyo; I want to try an Onsen is there somewhere anyone would recommend near or in one of these places; (preferably a one night stay type of situation and private bath would also be nice ^^, I know it's expensive but it seems like a nice experience)

I know I have too many shopping places, anyone want to help me narrow down, haha? I really would prefer the ones that would let me look for stuff that I couldn't get in America (really got into clothes / fashion these past few years), and would like to pick up so cool stuff to add to my wardrobe.

I decided to make my main base Osaka for the entire Kansai region, was orignally going to do half Kyoto / half Osaka? Feel free to make me argue with myself, I'm easily persuaded, lol.

Trying to keep this short, any recommendations etc. are grateful, thank you for all yours guys help so far and onwards.

Future recommendations for Tokyo are also welcome, oh and I'm willing to play around with the # of nights per Osaka

HERE IS MY ITINERARY (PT. 1) Link: https://i.imgur.com/EJ2cxTK.jpg
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Re: Itinerary Feedback Pt.1 (Kansai) 2019/2/20 18:23
You dont need JR pass for your travels, it would be a waste of money.

IC cards are regional thing, so in Kansai they dont sell Pasmo/Suica, but ICOCA. You can use ICOCA and also charge it with money even in Tokyo with no problems, but you can not reclaim it there, only in the region where it was issued (= Kansai). If you want to reclaim your IC card you would have to reclaim ICOCA before leaving to Tokyo and get Suica after your arrival and again reclaim it before leaving Japan. Since reclaiming IC card has weird rules (you will get your 500 JPY deposit back if the balance on the card is 0, but if there are some money still on the card they will not give you everything back or something like this) I would just use the ICOCA till its empty and keep it for next visit or as a souvenir :-)

As for the onsen experience it would probably be best to make one night stop in Hakone on your travel from Kyoto to Tokyo (in this case you should already start looking for free room).
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Re: Itinerary Feedback Pt.1 (Kansai) 2019/2/21 11:15
Is it okay if I bump xD
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