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Tokyo Metropolitan Building 2019/2/21 17:48

Is the observatory open on a Sunday?

Offices are close for sure but not sure with the observatory

Thank you
by jmonilla  

Re: Tokyo Metropolitan Building 2019/2/21 21:24
It will be open. Note that the South tower observatory is currently closed so the North one will be busier than normal https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3011_tocho.html
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Re: Tokyo Metropolitan Building 2019/2/22 13:34
As noted above.
The problem though is that nearly every last foreign tourist and their dog knows about the TMG, and it can get quite crowded. If you'd also like to try some alternatives, there are other free ones too.

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Re: Tokyo Metropolitan Building 2019/2/23 00:00
thank you so much for the help 😀
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