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Nikko after 4pm 2019/2/23 09:48
My initial plans for Nikko had me heading back to Tokyo around 5ish once the temples close however (and this is kind of a stupid reason but whatever) it's the Pokemon Go community day on the day I'm there. Which means I don't want to get on a fast moving train till after 6 when the event finishes.

So what I'm wondering is if people can recommend things to do between 4 pm when the temples close and 6 pm? Ideally things that keep me moving. I have the abyss on my list but are there any short walking trails which aren't necessarily reliant on temples etc being open? At the moment I think the last thing I'll be visiting before everything closes is the imperial villa for a starting point.
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Re: Nikko after 4pm 2019/2/24 09:53
You mean the Treecko day in March (as that is one at the new time) - what to do? Catch Pokemon.
There is a good group of players I met there last year and plenty of pokestops around town.
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Re: Nikko after 4pm 2019/2/25 09:23
I mean, fair, that's pretty much what I'll be doing. I was just kinda wondering if there was nice trails I could walk or places to go while doing it? I mostly shiny check during community days (especially with something like treecko) rather than catch everything, playing doesn't take that much attention just places where it's not an issue if I meander or suddenly stop.
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Re: Nikko after 4pm 2019/2/25 09:48
If you are doing trails and the like (say up at the "abyss" - just a river-side walk) you'll encounter many less pokestops or mons. Mainly the Nikko stops I get gifts from are long the main road and a few less easy to get to places that the local players know. And that isn't a bad route to walk - it's not the prettiest, but certainly quite enjoyable IMO.
But, if it is an event like yesterday, you might need lots of pokestops - but then locally here it was a bit crazy with so many players overloading the network - 300+ people joining a raid all at the same time - slooooow. I'm pretty sure Nikko doesn't have that many players.
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