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Mori Tower 2019/2/23 18:49
Hello! I know tripods are not allowed inside the Mori Tower, but I would like to know if there are places on the open deck to put the camera (a big reflex...) to make a long exposure with no shaking, for examples flat handrail or similar. Or it is impossible to take decent night photos?
by Piuma  

Re: Mori Tower 2019/2/24 02:03
Look at the 4th photo and judge for yourself.
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Re: Mori Tower 2019/2/26 05:42
Why not use a GorillaPod?
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Re: Mori Tower 2019/2/26 06:24
Thank you. I have tried to check by pictures and google street view, but it is not so clear. I have a big Nikon reflex and the gorillapod cannot keep it, I have already tried. Well, I will know it once there :) thank you again!
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Re: Mori Tower 2019/3/4 03:58
If you're planning to shoot from outdoors, I suggest bringing a clamp type that can hold your ballhead.

On the floor below that, I've seen people use tripods before not sure if that's officially allowed. I used a gorillapod when I visited 7 years ago, there are many better alternatives out now. If plan to tour the observatories, definitely bring a black cloth/jacket to combat reflections, or invest in a lensskirt.
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Re: Mori Tower 2019/3/12 02:19
I've used a tripod on the indoor level with no problems. The bag check happens when you go up to the sky deck. Reflections are a significant problem on the indoor level though, particularly at night. Keep in mind the sky deck isn't always open - bad weather, particularly wind, will close it - so if you don't have flexibility on when you visit you may want to be prepared to shoot indoors (i.e. bring a tripod anyway, and a light blocker that you can press up against the window.)
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Re: Mori Tower 2019/3/23 08:37
I have not tried it there, but you might consider a Fat Gecko or for outdoors, there is the Tether Tools EasyGrip XL - but for long exposures, if there is strong wind causing jitter, you still might end up with nothing you like.
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