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Magome to Tsumago Trail 2019/2/24 00:44
I plan to walk this trail in March. My questions are:
1. How exactly do I get to the trail head (at Magome) with a car? what should I put in the GPS?
2. How to I get from Tsumago (end of trail) back to the trail head to take my car? I saw that buses are not frequest. Any taxi service available? other?
Thanks, Uri
by Uri M (guest)  

Re: Magome to Tsumago Trail 2019/2/25 09:29
Hi. I taxi'd from Tsumago to Magome town (about 4500 yen from memory) then walked back. That's what I recommend you do as well, as Tsumago has a lot more car parking etc and you'll be knackered after the walk anyway.

Spend a bit of time in Magome, it is probably the most interesting part of the walk.
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Re: Magome to Tsumago Trail 2019/2/25 10:53
Google Maps is your friend. One of my tricks when driving in Japan is to find the phone number of the location you wish to visit. You can then put it (the phone number) into the GPS and it takes you to the location. Having internet access to double check is also helpful.
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Re: Magome to Tsumago Trail 2019/2/25 19:31
There are 5 buses on most days, so if you plan well they're still an option https://www.japan-guide.com/bus/kiso.html
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