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Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/25 04:16

I am visiting Kyushu with my family in end of March. We have already decided on where to stay, but would love suggestions to places to stop along the way as we are driving and are flexible. Our plan to to have many traveldays and experience stops as we go.

We are skipping both Kumamoto (didnt fit plans) and Takachicko Gorge (sadly not enough time), so those are intentially missed.

Day 1 - Arrive in Beppu in the evening
Day 2 - Based in Beppu
Day 3 - Driving from Beppu to Nagasaki
Day 4 - Based in Nagasaki
Day 5 - Drive from Nagasaki to Yatsushiro, via Shimabara (taking Ariake - Nagasu ferry)
Day 6 - Drive from Yatsushiro to Kirishima
Day 7 - Drive from Kirishima to Kagoshima - via Sakurajima
Day 8 - Daytrip to Yakushima
Day 9 - Drive from Kagoshima to Aso
Day 10 - Day in Aso, including Aso fire festival
Day 11 - Drive from Aso to Oita Airport (flight to Tokyo at 20:35)

We got several ideas for what to do on the destinations, but less on the travel between. Any suggestions are welcome. We are primarily interested in nature/mountains/sea/historic sites, and less interested in big city attractions.
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Re: Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/25 10:37
You are aware that you are driving long distances in a country where most non-tollway travel is 50 km/h?

Also - Japanese festivals tend to mean big crowds. After visiting Aso a few weeks ago, it will take a long time to get to the Aso Fire festival - if you can get within 5 kilometers in finding a car park.

My biggest worry is a day trip to Yakushima. I have not visited here yet - but the hydrofoil is a fair distance and quite expensive.

Have you thought about doing a loop up the top of Kyushu also including Takachiho? When I drive around Japan, I always have the 70 km/h rule if travelling by tollway. Getting a toll pass will probably save you a lot of money as well.
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Re: Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/25 14:23
Yakushima isn't gonna happen as a day trip. So you'll have an extra day to play with.

Personally though I wouldn't add any more. You have 4-5 hours of travel per day, so not much can be added to your itinerary between major locations.

Between Beppu and Nagasaki there is so much I don't even know where to start.

Bungo-Mori Roundhouse and history museum
Amagase onsen village
Hita old town
Yanagawa old town and canals
Arita pottery
Ariake beach and mud flats
Takao-onsen onsen and library + Saga Space and Science Museum
Yutoku Inari Shrine

I would either add a day to Kiirishima or find somewhere half way between Beppu and Nagasaki and enjoy lots of different sights.
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Re: Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/25 21:23
It's the complicated route indeed, try to figure time and distance by using
If I were you I wouldn't risk to make such trips without knowing the exact totals. Can only wish you luck to avoid traffic jam.
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Re: Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/25 23:58
Yakushima is a wonderful place but not a day trip destination.
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Re: Kyushu by car - input on itinerary 2019/2/28 21:44
Have to agree with the poster before.
What do you expect from Yakushima in a day trip? In order to visit the nice places of the island you would need to go hiking and that will take quite some time, especially if you don't have a car. Also be aware that the ferries can be cancelled due to the weather (happened to us as well)
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