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Feedback on hokkaido 7 days itinerary 2019/2/26 10:58
Hi, I will be travelling from narita to hokkaido on 5/6/19 to 11/6/19. Need your advice on my planned itinerary. I am travelling with my husband and my 3 year old daughter.

Day 1 Arrive in new chitose airport. Stay 1 night in Sapporo.
Day 2-3 Drive to Furano to visit flower farms. Stay 2 nights in Furano.
Day 4 . Drive to Biei to visit attractions. Stay 1 night in Biei.
Day 5 Drive back to Sapporo. Stay 1 night in sapporo.
Day 6 . take public transport or drive to Otaru. Stay 1 night in Sapporo.
Day 7 . Depart from New Chitose airport to narita.

I chose to head to furano first because I wanted to avoid the weekend crowds. Will be flowers be in bloom on first week of June? Will the flower farms be worth visiting during this week? I need advice whether it will be better to drive or take train from sapporo to Otaru and within sapporo town? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Feedback on hokkaido 7 days itinerary 2019/2/26 13:06
Therefs no need for a car within Sapporo and for the Otaru trip. To and from Otaru on the train is quick and easy. And within Sapporo youfd just be making a hassle for yourself.
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Re: Feedback on hokkaido 7 days itinerary 2019/2/26 17:35
I find that you change accommodation too often.

Furano and Biei can be done from just one accommodation and I would pool all Sapporo nights into one stay.

If you havenft bought your tickets yet, best would be to fly to Asahikawa and return from New Chitose airport. However even if that isnft possible itfs a 2 h drive from Chitose to Furano as opposed to a 1 h drive to Sapporo. So not really that much longer and you are already in Furano/Biei area. For that area I think the nice part is the landscape, so Ifd try an accommodation outside of Furano city center (which isnft a specially nice town but somewhere in between. Maybe on a farm or so. We stayed in an Airbnb some years ago that overlooked The Valley.

Then once you are finished with Furano/Biei area you can drive to Sapporo and either return the car there and make the rest by train (Otaru is possible by train, but on the other hand if you donft mind having a car it can be good to go to smaller places. )

In the Furano area I would consider visiting the Asahikawa zoo. I havenft been but itfs famous.
In Sapporo I like the open air museum. Itfs not super easy to reach with public transport so last time I went I took a taxi from Shin Sapporo station.

Enjoy your trip to Hokkaido!
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Re: Feedback on hokkaido 7 days itinerary 2019/2/27 22:28
Thank you Gregalor and LikeBike for the tips and suggestions. Unfortunately I have bought return tickets from narita to chitose. the reason I opt to stay overnight in sapporo for the first night because I am afraid that we may not be able to find the hotel in furano after the sun sets. estimated arrival time in chistose is around 3 pm. will it be difficult to drive from chitose airport to furano even after dark? Thanks.
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