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sunrise seto shower card 2019/2/26 22:46
Hello may i know how many shower cards are sold onboard the sunrise seto train. do we buy them from the machine in the restrooms or from the conductor. Is it you can purchase it when the conductor comes to do the ticket check
by bungbang888  

Re: sunrise seto shower card 2019/2/27 17:55
I don't know how many shower cards are available, but you should just get them as soon as you board the train. You get them at the machine for 320 yen each, not inside the restrooms, but in the hallway (just walk through the corridor from one car to another until you find one).

Each card gets you 6 mins of water time. You can stop the time pressing the red button while you're not using the water (like when shampoo-ing) and resume, so 6 mins are actually more than enough. But keep in mind even if you have spare time, you won't be able to keep it for next time because once the card is inserted, there is no tracking back. Pulling off the card or open the bathroom door lock after inserting the card will render it void.
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Re: sunrise seto shower card 2019/2/27 18:08
I think there are only 20 cards sold, what I heard. Get it as soon as you step on the train if you want to try it out. Are you getting on midway or from the first station?
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Re: sunrise seto shower card 2019/2/27 21:48
i plan to get on may be at numazu towards izumo . i wonder if there is any cards left for shower as maybe people would have bought the cards at tokyo . well its a unique experience.
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