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Kinosaki to Kanazawa? 2019/2/28 04:55
What's the best way to travel from Kinosaki to Kanazawa? We'd rather not rent a car, so looking for the most efficient train/bus route. Thanks!
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Re: Kinosaki to Kanazawa? 2019/2/28 12:41
Hi, I did that a few years ago and from memory researching it was a massive, massive production so what we did was to come in from Kanazawa to Kyoto then go to Kinosaki from there a few days later. These days, now that I am a bit over Kyoto, I'd probably come to Hikone from Kanazawa and stay the night, and then go out to Kinosaki from Kyoto the next day.
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Re: Kinosaki to Kanazawa? 2019/2/28 15:34
According to hyperdia.com, the route displays Kinosakionsen-ShinOsaka-Kanazawa
Itfs a long trip.
Perhaps a sojourn to break the journey?
Or perhaps relook at your overall trip to see if it can be rearranged?

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