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Wasabi farm-cycling from Matsumoto or Hotaka 2019/2/28 05:32

We are arriving to Matsumoto (in March) at 11 am (via Bus from Tokyo) and we would like to visit the wasabi farm after visiting Matsumoto Castle (1 - 2 pm).
My plan was that we rent bycicles at Matsumoto station and cycle for about 14 km to the farm. I have no idea how much time would it take us to get there - would it be faster and less confusing to take a train to Hotaka station and rent a bike there? We are only one day in Matsumoto.

If we go by the train to Hotaka, do we have to buy the train tickets or can we use Suica?
Is there a luggage storage at the Matsumoto bus terminal?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Wasabi farm-cycling from Matsumoto or Hotaka 2019/2/28 16:30
we visited the farm last year, but took train to closest station (probably Hotaka) and rented electric bikes in station. Wasabi farm is nice, in November it was medium-interest. We took long ride in countriside and enjoyed scenery.
Actually - Matsumoto has really good free bikes rent system, good green bikes (need to return at 17). So if not wasabi farm, you can discover ukio-e museum (plus there is some other museums) what is not in centre, and vicinity.
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Re: Wasabi farm-cycling from Matsumoto or Hotaka 2019/2/28 23:35

We didn't go to the wasabi farm so I can't help you there but...

Matsumoto Train Station which is directly across from Matsumoto Bus Terminal has lots and lots of lockers of varying sizes. We had no problem finding a locker there and they had a huge variety of locker sizes. We had two carry-on sized bags, but we had no problem finding a single larger locker to hold them together, on two different days. I think unless you are there during sakura season it shouldn't be an issue.

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