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Itinerary / Okinawa questions 2019/2/28 18:47
I do have an upcoming trip to japan and I've planned the following Itinerary:
1. Day Go to Tokyo, flight to Okinawa
1.-6. Day Okinawa
6. Day Fukuoka
7., 8. Day Kurokawa Onsen
9.,10. Day Beppu, Oita
11. - 12. Nikko
13-16. Tokyo and flight back

Does this sound feasible? The idea is to spend time in Okinawa and Onsen.
Any must visit Islands in Okinawa? Trying to get flights from each location as we would loose too much time with the train, aside from Kyushu which will be done by car.

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Re: Itinerary / Okinawa questions 2019/2/28 22:46
This trip is totally possible (apart from a massive day of travel from Oita to Nikko) but what do you hope to achieve from this trip?

When are you going to travel? If you visiting between June - October, then give yourself flexibility in case there is a typhoon which affects Okinawa. I've also been told that it can get VERY hot in summer in Okinawa.

As I'm not really a hot weather person, I've travelled around Okinawa Island and the Yaeyama Islands in some depth during winter. Okinawa Island is nice and has plenty to do both from a historical and activity perspective, but it's also highly built up but best experienced by car if you get out of Naha.

The Yaeyama Islands would be great for around 4/5 days, but 6 days may be stretching it.

When I visited Kurokawa Onsen, it was ok but was not that spectacular for me. However, I found the highlight Mt Aso which is found in the general area. Also research if Beppu or Yufuin are more your thing.

A great location close to Beppu which I find is more of a highlight is the Kunisaki Peninsula - which once again needs a car.

Give yourself one night in Tokyo before you make it to Nikko - but this is just a suggestion. What do you want to do at Nikko and when are you travelling? Are you going for nature or the shrines? The walks around Upper Nikko can be quite spectacular plus it's much cooler here than Tokyo.
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Re: Itinerary / Okinawa questions 2019/2/28 23:15
Planned is Mai or June, probably Mai.

We thought about having a Hotel outside of Naha and rent a car for the Okinawa part, just not sure if it's worth to travel to other islands as well as we're traveling with a small child.
In case that we loose a day in Okinawa only the Fukuoka part would be affected (Hopefully). This stay is anyway more for convenience as we've been to Fukuoka before.

The whole Kyushu part is covered by a car and we would be flying from Oita to Haneda to cover this trip. This way we wouldn't need to stay in Tokyo for one night before going to Nikko. In Nikko it's mainly nature and the Edo Wonderland which is a must on the trip :-)

The Yaeyama Islands look really beautiful, that must be added to the trip, hope we can fit that with the main island somehow.

Kunisaki Peninsula is also noted, thanks for the tip!
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