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Yakushima & Tanegashima for New Years? 2019/2/28 22:54
Hi All,

I'm currently planning my last trip to Japan and I'm putting together the final touches for my trip. My last trip will focus on Kobe, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto and Kagoshima. I'm planning to spend 2 nights on Tanegashima (31/1 + 1/1) and 2 nights on Yakushima (2/1 + 3/1) respectively. My plan is to hire a car and complete some light hiking and visit anything which might be open during this time.

Due to the time of year - I'm having second thoughts about visiting Tanegashima as I was originally interested in visiting the Japanese Space stuff here - but it will probably be closed due to New Years.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated....

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Re: Yakushima & Tanegashima for New Years? 2019/3/1 13:44
Hello - I cannot comment much on Tanegashima but I spent quite some time in Yakushima. Once in February and second time for two months in October-November. The weather was fine both times and there were still plenty of restaurants open in February. I would assume that to be the case for early January although I know the youth hostel is closed during December. I think Yakushima also has a nice new years eve festivities. The trails will probably open unless there is a heavy storm/snow. You will have most of the trails to yourself. I would be happy to help if you have any more specific questions about Yakushima such as places to stay, things to do etc (Burcu -
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Re: Yakushima & Tanegashima for New Years? 2019/3/2 23:47
Thanks for the info. I'll probably ask more specific questions in a couple of months, I was just trying to hammer down the locations and the doability of Tanegashima (and if there is anything to do when I visit due to the dates). This year, I was around the Amakusa Islands in Kyushu for New Years and basically nothing was open apart from nature locations - which is why I visited. I don't want to visit a major location when everything is closed.

It's also odd (in a good way) to find another person who has travelled around the globe with the same general intensity as I do (but you may travel more). It's good to see you have visited Georgia - a place which I love.
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Re: Yakushima & Tanegashima for New Years? 2019/3/2 23:58
Thank you for the trip report! I will read it as I am moving to Japan next week and always looking new places to explore. Also - do you have a blog?
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Re: Yakushima & Tanegashima for New Years? 2019/3/3 00:12
I used to have one for China Water Towns, but not anymore after I left China in 2018. I've got 200+ posts on JG though which can be seen on my main page....
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