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Hibiya to Ginza Transfer at Ueno 2019/2/28 23:34
I know theres a transfer path to these stations but read some blogs that unlike other transfers, we have to exit the gate then enter again to the other stations entrance gate? is this true? do we have to touch our IC cards when exiting and entering again?

please advice guys thanks
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Re: Hibiya to Ginza Transfer at Ueno 2019/3/1 13:38
Here, in the Tokyo Metro HP, it explains when you transfer and need to pass through the gates.
You should go through the special "Orange gate" and transfer within 30 min. Then you'll be fine.

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Re: Hibiya to Ginza Transfer at Ueno 2019/3/1 14:58
Yes, "(Tokyo) Metro" Ueno stn is so, and one of.
You have to through and touch the IC card at ORANGE colored ticket gate of get off train stn,
then move and enter to next other(Metro, Toei and more) line's ticket gate again within 30 mins.

Thin yellows are ticket gate inside and floors.
This is same route transfering video, but he used a regular paper ticket, not IC card, though.
(Note: the strange unpleasant noises, seems cheap gimbal/stabilizer motor sounds)

This is same trasfering stns list(JP),
NOT only Metro to Metro, use Google translate if need.

the name "Hibiya" and "Ginza" both means also major towns name, so in this case don't forget "line",
"(Subway or Metro)Hibiya line to Ginza line" is the best when asking to someone, stn staff and locals.
Also in Tokyo(even in Japan), this "Metro" meaning is a bit different against "subway" in English,
"Tokyo Metro" is the one of subway(under ground mainly) rail companies name in Tokyo, other one is "Toei",
and all other rail companies are not belonging with subway(地下鉄/chikatetsu in JP) companies group.
No need to remember all rail companies and line names even in Japanese(writing, too),
but it will cause confusion if you do not use the word correctly, even in voice search.
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Re: Hibiya to Ginza Transfer at Ueno 2019/3/1 19:58
oh I see so that means say from Akihabara Hibiya going to Asakusa Metro we have to touch our suica cards 4 times

Upon exiting the Hibiya line train at Ueno touch the ic card at the orange gate then touch it again before entering the Ginza line train orange gate again
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