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tour itinerary for 1st visit to Okinawa 2019/3/1 16:16
Hi all,

My husband and I will be visiting Okinawa for the first time in early April.

We are visiting Okinawa mainly just to see the place, to relax, eat and shop for Japanese foodstuffs etc. Not fans of sea sports and will not be doing any sea sports in Okinawa.

My planned itinerary is as follows. Is my itinerary do-able? Have I missed out any interesting places to visit? Would highly appreciate any comments and recommendations that anyone can offer.

I reckon we can only collect a rental car the next morning after our arrival in Naha as I checked and it seems the car rental companies at the airport close at 8pm.

We will be renting a car for Day 2 to Day 4. Will return the car at the end of Day 4.

Thank you very much for all your time and help.

Okinawa Itinerary:

Day 1 Naha Arrive in Naha at 8.45pm. Hotel stay in Naha.

Day 2 Central Okinawa

1 Sunset Beach

2 Mihama American Village

3 Sunabe Seawall

4 Road Station Kadena

5 Cape Zanpa

6 Cape Maeda

7 Cape Manza

8 Okashi Goten Nago Shop

Driving hours & distance: 1hr 30min, 49 km

(excludes drive from Naha to Sunset Beach 30mins 16km)

Where to stay for the night?

Day 3 Northern Okinawa

1 Orion Happy Park

2 Sesoko Beach

3 Bise Fukugi Trees

4 Nakijin Castle Ruins

5 Sadabama Beach (Shoshi)

6 Kouri Bridge, Kouri Beach, Kouri Ocean Tower

7 Kaichu-doro Causeway (Mid Sea Road)

8 Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom (after sunset)

Driving hours & distance: 3.5 hrs, 144 km

Should I visit:

Heart Rock

Cape Hedo

Hotel stay in Naha.

Day 4 Southern Okinawa

1 Shurijo Castle Park

2 Shrikinjocho Stone-Path Road

3 Okinawa World (Gyokusendō Cave)

4 Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

5 Himeyuri Peace Museum

6 Senagajima Umikaji Terrace

7 Outlet Mall Ashibinaa (after sunset)

Driving hours & distance: 1.5 hr, 37km

Should I visit:

Nirai Kanai Bridge

Cape Chinen Park

Hotel stay in Naha.

Day 5 Naha Shopping in Naha.

Day 6 Depart Naha at 8.20am.
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I forgot to say that I got the driving hours and distances for each day from Google Maps. How accurate/realistic are these? The hours seem long for the distances. Due to the driving speed limits in Okinawa?

Am I right to say that I will not have much time to walk around and shop in Naha on the nights of Day 2 to 4 when I will stay in Naha after my tours in the daytime? I plan to start off each day at 9am thereabout.

If it is feasible, I would prefer to fly out of Okinawa on Day 5 on a 4.50pm flight instead of the 8.20am flight on Day 6. Meaning I do all my walking of Naha City and shopping every night after my day tours.

Thank you.
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Re: tour itinerary for 1st visit to Okinawa 2019/3/3 10:06

Can Okinawa experts kindly help with my questions above?

Thank you very much.
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