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Kuronagi Onsen reservations 2019/3/3 08:03
I am interested in reserving a room for 2 at the Kuronagi Onsen in May at the Kurobe Gorge. It was very helpful that Japan-Guide placed a link to the Kuronagi Onsen website on the Kurobe Gorge link. However, the website is in Japanese and after google translate to the website, I believe we have to call the Onsen directly to make reservations. I only speak english. If I call the Onsen, will I believe to talk with staff to make a reservations in english? If not, any advise how I could go about making a reservation in May 2019? Thank you for your help in advance!
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Re: Kuronagi Onsen reservations 2019/3/3 18:15
Yes, reservation is by phone only.

Try to prepare a really simple English sentence and then google translate it to a really simple Japanese sentence and then call.

I was there about 1,5 yrs ago and itfs a fabulous location. But I doubt they speak English... but you can try.

Enjoy your trip to Kurobe gorge!
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Re: Kuronagi Onsen reservations 2019/3/4 01:13
Thank you for this advice! I will give this a try and hopefully I am successful. The pictures and everything of the gorge are beautiful and we canft wait to travel here. Thank you for your help!
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