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Incomplete name for JAL 2019/3/3 14:36
Hi! I only used first and last name for plane ticket in JAL going to sapporo. But for one of the passengers I booked, her name is AAA BBB CCC DDD. I only used BBB DDD which is the name she usually uses, even on her credit card. Her name is quite unusual. Will we have a problem with proceeding with our flight?

I already called JAL and they said it might cause problems, but it depends on the disgression of airport staff at the time of boarding, if they will make it an issue or not. Regarding the booking site, they just cited JALfs no name change rule.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you.
by kriyen (guest)  

Re: Incomplete name for JAL 2019/3/4 09:00
I have been flying with my incomplete name on 100+ flights and never had any problems. I think it is very unlikely that there will be any problems, especially if it happens to be a domestic flight, because identities aren't even ever checked on domestic flights.

However, you could run into complications with frequent flyer miles in case you use a different name there.

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Re: Incomplete name for JAL 2019/3/4 10:57
Thank you for answering Uji! How was your experience with international flights about this same issue?
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Re: Incomplete name for JAL 2019/3/4 11:23
Flight tickets need to match the passport name for international flights. You'll find many horror news stories online about being turned away or paying hundreds of dollars in rebooking fees due to names not matching.
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Re: Incomplete name for JAL 2019/3/4 16:18
Anecdotal I know, but I never use my full (too long) name for flight tickets both domestic in Japan but also international including to Japan (and US) among many others.
From my experience your friend shouldnft have any problem.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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