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Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 01:06
Hello all,

My wife and I will be arriving in Japan next year. We are flying in to Narita and will be staying at the Park Hyatt for a few days. We will have a decent amount of luggage as we will be gone almost a month (not just visiting Japan). I am trying to see what the best way to get from the airport to our hotel with 4 pieces of luggage (2 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons). We would prefer train travel. Thank you!
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 07:09
Depending on your time of arrival, the best option might be a limousine bus directly from Narita airport to the Park Hyatt: (as you travel next year, time table obviously might change).

I assume you mean you have 1 large and 1 carry on per person, which is pretty standard and you should have no problem on the bus nor on a train with that. If you mean 2 large plus 2 carry on per person, then look up the rules for the bus, how much luggage it allows. On a train I would advise against so much luggage because you can simply not handle it in the station (and it might actually formally not be allowed). In that case I would use luggage forwarding service from Narita to your hotel (normally next day delivery is possible).

If the bus doesn't have suitable time, the next best option would be a direct NEX train to Shinjuku and then I guess a taxi.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!

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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 07:29
Thank you very much! Yes I meant 1 large and 1 carry on each person, I canft imagine lugging around more than that ouch!

We will certainly look into both I just wasnft sure if a train was even possible with luggage at all. Good to know what we have is the gnormh.
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Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 08:24
hi. We took the Limousine Bus to Park Hyatt several years ago, from memory it was one of the later stops and it seemed as though we were driving around Tokyo forever before we got there, although maybe we were juist tired and hungry. Personally I'd take the train though it costs a lot more.

I'm not sure whether you have been to Shinjuku station before, but it is an absolute monster of a place and very confusing and busy, just work through some maps before you go so that you know where to exit.

I see that you have large luggage. Really, life is so much easier with medium sized, so that you can fit it in the racks in the trains above your heads if necessary. We used to travel with large but it is such an inconvenience and generates stress when you are moving around, we now travel with 2 carry on sized each which is a breeze, we are happy to move from place to place every other day.

Park Hyatt itself is quite a nice hotel, you should enjoy it, though the rooms are quite small. We stayed there for about a week, and got into the mood by watching "Lost in Translation"
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 09:01
Shinjuku Station is not that intimidating from the N'EX platforms (5&6) as they are to the South side of the station and you need not get caught up in the main part of the station. Either take the escalator or elevator up to the next level, and exit by the New South Gate which is very convenient and a short walk and puts you out on the south side. From there catch a taxi to Park Hyatt.
Check the map: JR East Shinjuku Station
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 09:13
The N'EX has specific areas in each car for storing luggage including suitcases that are 50cm or bigger. (I know from personal experience) There are locks if you feel worried about your luggage being separated from you, though I've never had a problem and I've not used them. I have seen people use them though, just keep track of the combo.

In general the N'EX has a lot of leg room. I've also taken the limo bus, though not that specific hotel.

If you plan to stay outside of Tokyo as well, I would probably look into takyuubin. I tend to have a lot of bags when traveling as I like to shop and I'm a single adult traveling with a child (so she is only so helpful with bags.)

Good luck!
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 10:10
Thank you all for such great information. The trip is still over a year away but it seems like the amount of information is daunting. I would rather not take the shuttle so I will look more in to the train you guys have mentioned.

We are not completely sold on the Park Hyatt but I saw them darn movie years ago and thought ghey that would be coolh. However I will continue to look as everyone seems to say the same thing smaller, older, and far away.

Complete side not I first came to this site back in 2005 because some high school friends and I were supposed to go after graduation. That trip never came to furition. However I am back on this site planning a trip to go with my wife to Japan finally! So excited.
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 12:41
Hi Garrett,

If you're looking to splurge on a hotel in Tokyo, I would highly highly highly recommend the Tokyo Station Hotel. You can take a N'EX directly from Narita to Tokyo Station and the staff at the Tokyo Station Hotel will then meet your N'EX to help you take your luggage to their hotel, which is literally attached to Tokyo Station. They will also take your luggage to the N'EX or the shinkansen if you depart from Tokyo Station. The rooms are lovely, especially the bathrooms with huge tubs and rainfall showers. I adore the breakfasts in the atrium and the concierge is wonderful. This past trip they booked the Pokemon Cafe for us and helped make to secure tickets for us to the Ghibli Museum at our preferred time. They offered to hold our suitcases for nearly 2 weeks while we traveled elsewhere in Japan and just made us feel welcome. Everyone I met there was warm and thoughtful.

Good luck planning your future trip.

BTW currently, and hopefully next year as well, there is a special 4000 yen round trip on the N'EX offered by JR East provided your trains are within 14 days of one another. My trips are generally too long to take advantage of this offer, but if your trip is not it's a very good deal.
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 13:15
I normally agree with everything that rkold says and have loved the Tokyo Station Hotel as well (stayed about 4 times) but our last stay (October 2018) was a huge disappointment. We usually get the dome rooms, this time we were stuck in a small room with an outlook on some offices across from it so you couldnt open the curtains, and a pretty utalitarian bathroom, all for $660 per night (though brekkie was included and that is spectacular). Then when we went to go to the restaurants and bar, you couldnt see them for the smoke billowing out and couldnt stand the 30 degree celsius temperature (which is typical of a lot of Japanese hotels).

That said, we ended up at a lovely restaurant in a street nearby called Garb where the food was brilliant and the cocktails better so by the time we staggered back to our overpriced and under-appointed room, we didnt really notice it. So I suppose the lesson is to either book a dome room which are much nicer, or to go to Garb and get smashed so that you dont notice how you have been let down.
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/5 23:38
I know this is a bit OT, but @Lazy Pious, that is awful! I'm so sorry you had that experience. I've stayed 3x at the Tokyo Station Hotel and never had a situation like that. Trips 2+3 we had regular Dome Rooms, which I rather like because I enjoy watching commuters and seeing the inside of the station itself. I think one trip we were on the North side and this past trip it was the South side. I think I paid about $440 a night for my larger King Double, but it included 1 adult breakfast per day, I paid less in 2017 but had a smaller room. I admit, the hotel won my heart when on our first trip in 2016 (daughter's first trip to Japan, my I don't know what number) we received a magical upgrade to one of the enormous suites not far from the breakfast atrium and with a perfect view of the Imperial Palace. It's interesting that it was 30C for you because when we were in Japan it actually was 30-33C outside, as it was July and it never was that warm in any of the hotels I've stayed at.

I admit, my husband balks a bit at the price of the Tokyo Station Hotel so this trip we're sticking to the Mitsui Premier near Mitsukoshimae in Tokyo this next trip. I'm hoping it will be nice.

For OP, I have friends who have stayed at the Conrad near Shiodome and adored it. I know there is a Peninsula Hotel near Tokyo Station as well as a Shangri La and both chains are supposed to be quite luxurious as is the Mandarin. Some of those hotels will also have services to help with suitcases from Tokyo Station as does the Four Seasons. I've not stayed but if you want something more traditional there is always the Hoshinoya. It's really about budget and where you want to be.

Good luck!
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 02:08
While the Tokyo Station Hotel does look gorgeous we are not to keen on it being in the train station, if that makes sense. We are aiming for luxury it is are first time that far from home (FL us home), we are celebrating me earning my Doctorate and my wife obtaining her Masters, and itfs the last trip before we start trying for kids. So we are willing to splurge on some things. We are even flying business class (thank you credit cards points!).

I am interested in all the hotels you mentioned and will start researching them. Thank you guys for all the help. I will start contacting the hotels to see if/how they help with luggage from Tokyo Station. I have read about the NEX and I see we have to buy tickets in Japan. Do they accept credit cards? Or I should I have Yen on hand? I wasnft planning on having any until I got to a convience store once we landed.
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 03:02
Hi Garrett,

It's really up to you where you stay. Tokyo has A LOT of world class luxury hotels. Just do a Google search on luxury hotels in Tokyo and you will get a lot of hits and opinions. A lot depends on where you want to stay and what you want to do during your trip. Other luxury hotels that come to mind are: The Andaz, the Aman, Chizanso and the Ritz.

I believe the Chizanso reimburses you for at least one taxi ride there since it's in a quieter part of Tokyo. I know the Four Seasons and Tokyo Station Hotel offer a greet service at the N'EX and I am pretty sure the ShangriLa does as well. However, you might also find them both too close to the train station. I don't know if other hotels do as well, but you have plenty of time to research. I think the walk to the Aman and Hoshinoya is quite short and very easy, but I've also been to Tokyo many many times. I think those hotels that don't offer a greeting service assume you are OK paying the 800-1000 yen taxi fees to the hotel since you're staying in a $400+ a night hotel room. My friends who stayed at the Conrad used points to do so and I believe took a limo bus from the airport. Many luxury hotels are on limo buses from the airport.

Outside the Chizanso, most luxury hotels in Tokyo are within a 5-10 minute walk from a major station.

And yes, you can use a credit card to buy a N'EX ticket. I can't remember whether you need to go into the JR East travel Center to do so, or if you the machines take cards, because usually I am getting a rail pass and so any additional tickets I need I buy when I exchange my pass.

Never change yen in the USA, the exchange rate through banks here as well as in US Airports is always bad. There are places to exchange in Narita as well as ATMs there. Your hotel might also be able to exchange money. A lot of places do take credit cards but you usually need cash for temple entrance fees or for refilling an IC card like Suica or Pasmo. Traveler's Checks are completely useless.

Good luck!
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 06:45
Cheers rkold, yes it was a bit of a blow because we usually like to stay at at least one "classic hotel" a trip, last trip it was Tokyo Station which was disappointing as I mentioned, and also the Nara Hotel where I have stayed several times was awful, both times plagued by below average rooms and an overabundance of cigarette smoke. I would say that the staff at Tokyo Station Hotel have become a lot friendlier and engaging over the past few years. As for the heat of the hotels, I tend to find in Japan that as soon as the calendar clicks over to autumn they crank up the heat inside regardless of what is happening outside, and unfortunately the airconditioning only usually dispenses different levels of heat in the supposedly cooler months.

But this was a trip where I let an agent handle the bookings for a change, he works through JTB, and I have to say I think I was stitched up many times over and I'm still burning over it.

My last little comment is that the Park Hyatt area isnt particularly interesting as it is in a business district. The big park across the way (with its homeless inhabitants who tend to dress better than I do) is very nice in February as it has a lot of plum blossom, but that was about it I thought. Similarly, Maronouchi (sp?) where the Tokyo Station Hotel is isnt that interesting. I thought Shibuya/Harajuku were a bit more interesting, I have stayed a few times at the Dormy Inn Premium there which is actually awesome value and quite comfortable, but it doesnt have restaurants on site etc. Pick a room with a view of the graveyard next door, complete with sinister crows sitting on your window ledge, it is actually more fun than it sounds.

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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 07:21
@Lazy Pious, I know what you mean about going through an agency. I usually like JTB but had issues with the JTB had a website in April. I sent in a request to visit the Ghibli Museum at 00:01 on 4/1 for 7/1 but my request didn't go through because of some sort of internet snafu that kept them from accepting requests for 24+ hours and I didn't become suspicious until 4/3 when I'd not heard back. (JTB had nothing up about said snafu on their website either.) There was nothing to be done. I think some of the physical branches might have had tickets, but you had to be able to visit a physical branch and my nearest one is 2 hours away at best. I then shot myself in the foot by using another company for booking airfare and paid ~500-600 USA more than I paid the year before with JTB. Lesson learned, though this year I am researching round the world tickets as I am planning to circle the globe. lol

I've not traveled outside DisneyWorld in the Fall for close to a decade. We've been doing June and July and while it is hot outside, most indoor spaces have been comfortable and the air conditioning works admirably well.

Outside Tokyo Station I've done the Fujiya in Hakone for classic hotels. The onsen and pool are quite uninteresting but the grounds and hotel itself are enjoyable. I regret not trying breakfast. I had actually thought about the Nara Hotel this upcoming trip for 1 night until I read your negative review. I've not had smoking problems at the Tokyo Station Hotel, though that was one of several issues for we had at the Keihan Universal.

I'm quite fond of I like that I can cancel reservations if I change my plans and rebook elsewhere without too much work. Though I got a much better deal on the Candeo Kashihara via their website and I'm saving close to 8000 yen over 3 nights.

I'm not overly fond of Shinjuku. I know many tourists consider it the best area to stay, I just personally don't like it. I actually like the Tokyo Station area. I like that the sidewalks are wide and easy to walk. There are a lot more small cafes in the area than there use to be and I tend to enjoy shopping and window shopping the length of Chuo dori. Last trip we spent a lot of time in the Takashimaya in Nihombashi and there is a doll shop we spent more time than we ought near Nihombashi Station/Mitsukoshimae Station. So for me, it's a preferred area to stay.

I've not stayed at the Shibuya branch but I've stayed in the Nagano Dormy (it's now adult only for some reason so we did the Metropolitan this year which was lovely.) and the Kyoto Premium Dormy. I love the baths, but I find the bed a bit hard for my liking. But that is a personal taste thing. The staff in Kyoto were incredibly friendly. I have a friend who stayed in the Cerulean in Shibuya and said it was quite nice. Booking had some small boutique hotel in Harajuku (Trunk I think?) which had private balconies which is always a plus in my book. My daughter is obsessed with Lush so we plan to go to the new big Lush there. I think the Shiodome area seems quite nice.

I admit, I think Tokyo has an amazing selection of hotels.

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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 08:30
ahhh, Fujiya! I knew there was a classic hotel in Hakone but couldnt remember the name. I booked at Fukuzumiro instead for our trip in May, which looks awesome but no toilets in one of the rooms...
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Re: Park Hyatt from Narita with luggage? 2019/3/6 09:24
@Lazy Pious, actually I don't think you can stay there right now!

I think they're closed for 2 years. If you can though stop by the pastry shop. We got chocolates there which were amazing. The hotel itself is fabulous, if money is no object I would stay in Kikko-so Inn, even though it is the newest building because it has a beautiful private bath only available for guests staying there. It costs considerably more though. I stayed in Forest Lodge which had a great mid-century modern vibe and I really liked the room and building outside of the bathroom which needed a refurb. The Hot Spring bath and Pool were disappointing.
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