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Kodansha publication 2019/3/5 03:51
I Love whenever I visit Japan, I try to read their books.
We know they produced thousands of books.Do you know their books
List on web.Do you know their Libraries.of course,a ordinary book shop sell their excellent publication. Thanks for your help.
by Jennifer (guest)  

Re: Kodansha publication 2019/3/6 13:52
The books they make are not just comics.
Therefore, it is impossible to read even if you bet all the rest of your life.

Most books released in Japan are said to be in the here, but browsing of old valuable books is restricted.
So, they has not own books collection library, also few collection EN books of them in NDL, Japan.

However, I'm wondering, you could not find the answer by yourself in short time,
does it make sense to read Japanese books until you came to Japan?
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Re: Kodansha publication 2019/3/13 14:18
Thanks so much for your kind reply.
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Re: Kodansha publication 2019/3/20 01:37
I Love kodansha encyclopedia of Japan=36000 yen.
It is really worth to buy.
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