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Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/5 04:35
Do you know which shop offer sandog inn kobeya bread buffet=1080 yen.Any website, any info is highly appreciated.
by Liz (guest)  

Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/5 12:04
3 branches in Tokyo.
Tokyo station, Yaesu shopping mall branch (Everyday)
Kasumigaseki Iino bldg. branch (weekday only)
Bakuroyokoyama station (weekday only)
Hours: 11:00-14:00

Website, only in Japanese

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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/6 22:38
Is there a special attraction to Japanese bread? I'm genuinely interested to understand why anyone would seek out bread in Japan.

There's so much great food that I would travel to Japan and specifically seek out, but bread wouldn't even make it to my long-list. The best bread I've had in Japan was average-to-reasonably-good.
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/7 03:11
Friend winter visitor
You did not go here,so u never understand why my parents put aside 32400 yen for 30 days trip in this restaurant. If you go here single time in your whole lifetime and eat buffet,then you will be totally surprised after eating their bread buffet.In every case Japan is best not only honesty but also buffet system,In my country all you can eat take money out of your pocket but food is not tasty,totally worthless.kobeya is one example out of thousands case.It totally impress me.
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/11 01:48
Thanks for answering, Liz.
If you really love bread, Ifd recommend trying to go on holiday to France. Bread there is cheap and awesome.
Happy holiday..
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/11 03:00
Donft get me wrong, French bread is nice and French croissants are the best. But talking gbest breadh I (German) and UNESCO says itfs German bread: https://www.unesco.de/en/german-bread-culture

Living abroad I always bring some bread back from trips to Germany. Itfs the one (and nearly only ) thing I miss about Germany :-)

To OP , I am intrigued now by Kobeya. Ifll try and see if I can pop by next time Ifm in Japan.

Enjoy your bread All you can eat!
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/11 07:19
I've actually been to Kobeya. Their cheese bread is indeed yummy, but I don't know if I would go and say it is worth going out of my way for and it's not one of those place I feel the need to go back to every trip to Japan. I use to eat it for lunch sometimes because it was cheap and filling, but I've not been back in like a decade.

Lupicia Tea is probably the only food type place I always want to go to every trip, though my daughter would be happy eating every meal at T's Tantan Ramen.

I've been to France as well, their bread is good but again not that amazing and I even remember going to some super famous shop to see how they made bread during while an exchange student.

I can't speak for German bread as I've only had layovers in Germany on my way to Prague. The Czech Republic has great ice cream while I was there, but it could have also been delicious because it was warm lol

I don't really remember British bread. I mostly remember being surprised by their desserts. All the places I went in the UK seemed to have an abundance of toffee and caramel type desserts and if you like that sort of thing they were quite good.

Honestly, the best bread I've ever had is my own. Once you start making your own bread from scratch most bread, even bought from a bakery, is just not as good, it's just less work. I make challah from scratch every week and make whole wheat bread quite often as well. I've also made foccacia, baguettes, brioche, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate babka.
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/12 15:34
An interesting series of posts, about bread worldwide. I know Kobeya fairly well and enjoy buying a salad style roll for lunch sometimes, when I'm there, but I wasn't aware they had some sort of buffet selection.

I'm not a big bread eater, not needing all those carbs, but I will admit to having a Japanese breadmaker and on my trips, bring back Japanese bread flour (my country's flour is too heavy for delicate cooking) and Japanese yeast sachets, and maybe 5-6 times a year I make a loaf. The smell takes me straight back to Japan, the taste whilst sweeter and lacking in fibre compared to western bread, is a treat, thickly cut with butter and jam, or toasted. All those healthy options of rye, wholemeal, sourdough don't match the delight I get from my homemade Japanese style bread.
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/3/17 23:35
Thanks everyone for your valuable information.
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Re: Kobeya bread buffet 2019/4/1 17:05
32400 yen for 30 days eating the same bread kobeya... you might want to get some vegetable else you will be constipated ..

As a french i can tell this is "wow" .. it really astonished me. Japanese bread is at most OK for my part but maybe it is my french palate and my pride that speak :)

German bread is good because its not made of white flour and better for health.
White flour bread is tasty but not very healthy.

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