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Motorcycle manufacturing plant tours 2019/3/6 02:30
I'm bringing a group of US university engineering students to Japan in May. I would like to arrange a plant tour at a motorcycle manufacturing plant (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki). Is there any information on tours in English?
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Re: Motorcycle manufacturing plant tours 2019/3/6 10:11
Yes, there is information in English, but not very much. It's spread around the internet and not particularly accessible - there is an industrial tour website https://www.jetro.go.jp/en/ind_tourism/ and that might be a good place to start along with the company websites direct. I recall writing to Honda (and their plant in Kyushu), but the person I was checking it for didn't proceed with their trip.

Last time I checked a plant tour like that it quickly became evident that most of the options required the group to have a translator. The other interesting item was the way everything was spread out for some companies - engines in one place, assembly in another. Not like the Toyota plant tour near Nagoya.
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Re: Motorcycle manufacturing plant tours 2019/3/6 10:14
Ask to them directly.
Most factories do not accept reservations within one month.
And, for college students, it is worthless unless you make a tour that is not open to the public.
You should enrter and see in the deep inside of them, right?
They(the guide) speak EN well, no worry.

Also, No same tour in US, this is only a list of Honda though?
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