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Is 2 hours enough for Kiyotsu Gorge? 2019/3/6 20:55
Hi, me and my friends are planning to go to Kiyotsu Gorge in October. I understand that we have to ride a bus from Echigo Yuzawa, and that we have to walk through a tunnel for 30 minutes per way, but some sites say it takes 30 minutes to get to the entrance of the gorge from the parking lot. Is that 30 minutes TO the tunnel (so 1 hour one way)? Or is the tunnel near the parking lot and the 30 minutes IS the tunnel already? We're not planning to hike the whole gorge, so will we be able to get good views just by walking through the tunnel and taking photos from its viewpoints? Or is 2 hours not enough and we have to spend a longer time for better views? Thanks a lot!
by nelze (guest)  

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