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Nara to Takijiiri-Oji 2019/3/6 21:14
We are starting (20th october) Kumono Kodo pilgrim from Takijiiri-Oji and traveling there from Nara, so we need to transfer Nara-Takijiiri-Oji. I do find some route via Tanabe to starting point, but have someone some good suggestion to transfer?

We also have to get back from Nachi Taisha to Osaka 25th october if someone have good suggestion for that.

Thank you so much!
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Re: Nara to Takijiiri-Oji 2019/3/7 10:18
Here's a convenient route from Nara to Kii Tanabe.
JR NaraJR TennojiJR Kii Tanabe
You can take a bus from Kii Tanabe to Takijirioji.
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