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Climb to Yamadera Mountain at 7AM 2019/3/7 13:02
I want to climb the Yamadera Mountain at 7AM on March because I need to go to Ginzan Onsen before 10AM. Can I climb to the mountain because I read om website Yamadera Mountain Open from 8AM. How much time I can climb to mountain and go back Yamadera Station?
by Le Anh Nhan (guest)  

Re: Climb to Yamadera Mountain at 7AM 2019/3/7 23:15
Impossible and worthless, over 1000 steps is not training course for the athlete.
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Re: Climb to Yamadera Mountain at 7AM 2019/3/7 23:27
If you are travelling in March - note that snow will be melting. So what does that mean????

Well - snow melts in the day and refreezes at night. That means that some of the 1000 steps will be extremely slippery. There is also a paid entrance - which means it does not open until 8AM. Wanting it to open earlier will not happen.

If your in a rush - then maybe it's not a good idea to visit. It only took me 90-120 mins at a leisurely pace and it's not a difficult climb, but it's a temple so it's best to travel at a respectful place.

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