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Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 06:47
I really want to go to Japan in my gap year (maybe in may) but because I don't know anyone who wants to got with me I'm thinking of going alone. Because Japan is far away I wanted to atleast go for 1 month but that feels long to be alone all the time.
I don't mind being on my own but some things I just find more fun with others so this being my first travel outside europe and alone I'm afraid it might be to much. Do you guys have any experience with alone travel and maybe how to meet fellow travelers.

I know most people say hostels are a good place to meet people, do any of you have experience with this, I'm interested in your story's.
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Re: Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 10:38
Most of my trips to Japan have been solo. While it's nice to have a friend along for some experiences (e.g. theme parks), eventually we get tired of seeing each other 24/7 and split up anyway! Being able to do exactly what you want, spend as long as you want somewhere, eat what you want, etc. and not have to worry about another person is very freeing.

If you do want to meet up with other travellers, the Japan Travel forum on Reddit runs a monthly meet-up thread. You should also consider staying in hostels.
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Re: Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 10:56
Once I tried solo traveling (I was 24), I got hooked and cannot stand traveling with other(s). That's my personal experience and preference. Why? No compromising whatsoever! Not on where to go, what to eat, what to do, when to sleep, etc.. Do I get lonely? Not really. You do meet more people when you are solo, because when you are with a friend that's who you talk to all the time, and when you are alone you are more approachable.

There is this girl from Belgium that took her first solo trip to Japan last year. She could not get enough of it, so she went back again recently. I have been following her on her VLOG.
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Re: Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 12:57
You could try tagging along with some small-group tours. A lot of tours in Japan are free, too.
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Re: Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 16:54
I have always travelled solo & have stayed in some budget hotels and other smaller establishments. They have been good places to bump into people as the rooms are a little small & so people congregate in the communal area.
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Re: Travel alone meeting others 2019/3/10 17:58
I wasnft very fond of solo traveling but specially with a recent 2 months trip by bicycle through Japan grew very fond of it because of the fact that you are your own master as a PP pointed out.

But you can mix solo with people. Apart from staying in hostels try signing up to meetup application. It has a group in Tokyo which is called g Japan daytrips/weekend tripsh that is extremely active. They meet up at least each weekend, sometimes even Saturday and Sunday for hiking around Tokyo. I went only once as I am not in Tokyo frequently enough and donft lie strenuous hiking. But it was nice. There are also several other groups on meetup with other interests. Mainly those people are people living in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or wherever you look for and many groups that you search in English seem to be mainly other foreigners but itfs a starting point for having some time with other people. Add that to people you meet at a hostel and you should be able to mix solo travel with some group experience as well.

And the other advantage of Japan is its safety. For me as a solo female traveler this is very relaxing.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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