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Hiroshima Port to Miyajima 2019/3/10 19:33
Ifm planning a trip to Japan during the Rugby World Cup in October and have booked one night in Hiroshima at a hotel near Hiroshima Port. During our day in Hiroshima wefre planning on visiting the Peace Memorial and Miyajima. I thought being close to the Port was a good idea however not so sure now, This website suggests that ferries do run to Miyajima but I canft find any details on the timetable. Also appears that this ferry would be additional to JR pass wefd have unlike the ferry from Miyajimaguchi. Am I better off switching hotels to something more central? I got a good rate on what appears a decent hotel but with time tight concerned itfll be more of a hinderance, any advice?!?
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Re: Hiroshima Port to Miyajima 2019/3/11 09:08
Switch hotels. There's nothing near the port. Anything close to Hiroshima Staion would be good for the JR trip to Miyajimaguchi Station, where you catch the JR ferry. It's only a tram away from the major sites in Hiroshima as well.
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Re: Hiroshima Port to Miyajima 2019/3/11 09:21
If you have a JR Pass, it makes more sense to use JR Ferry to go to Miyajima, and also use JR train to get to Miyajimaguchi (where you board the ferry). To get to the Peace Memorial Park, you need to take either a bus or a light rail (surface train). So look for a hotel near (1) a JR station, AND (2) bus stop or light rail station. Hiroshima station is one such place (there may be others).
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Re: Hiroshima Port to Miyajima 2019/3/11 18:53
I think you are referring to Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima. This hotel is located rather isolate place so is not so convenient. This is a kind of resort type hotel with view of the inland sea. So if you require some kind of night life in the town, this is not adequate. The good thing about the hotel is that if you take the high speed boat, you can access to Miyajima very quickly.


This is the timetable and as you see, it will take only 26 min from the hotel to Miyajima, though it costs 1850 yen one way.

I think this hotel is suitable for those have the following itinerary:

Arrive Hiroshima via shinkansen. Send large baggage to the next hotel and have one day belongings.

Sightseeing in Hiroshima city center and then go to the hotel via tram or taxi. If you take tram you must walk, maybe 20 min.

Sleep in the hotel.

Go to Miyajima via the high-speed boat. Sightsee in Miyajima. Move to the next destination.
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Re: Hiroshima Port to Miyajima 2019/3/11 18:57
There are less expensive and better located and accessible hotels in Hiroshima. Switch hotels.
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