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ICU 2019 Fall Admission Anyone? 2019/3/12 11:52
Hey guys!

I have finished my application to ICU and am trying to prepare myself for a long wait period until the admission decisions now.
No need in saying, I am quite anxious about the decision day by day.

So, I just wanted to start a forum for people that are like me, feeling unsteady right now. Feel free to share anything about ICU below. Good luck in the admission to everyone guys! I hope everyone's efforts pay off.

P.S. Alumni and current ICU students are welcome to this thread too!
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Re: ICU 2019 Fall Admission Anyone? 2019/4/24 10:28
Me too!! I applied with IB predicted 34, and I have a feeling that I'm not gonna get in!!!! I am soooooo nervous....
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