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Best Option for Travel? 2019/3/13 15:07
Here are the activities we will be doing, all located on a map so you can see where everything is located. I want to know which rail pass kind of thing would be best for me. Thanks.

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Re: Best Option for Travel? 2019/3/13 15:42
If I interpret this map correctly you are doing
- Narita - Tokyo
- sightseeing in Tokyo only
And the probable back to Narita, right?

For within Tokyo there is a subway pass, BUT only some of the many trains in Tokyo are subways. Eg yamanote Line isnft, yurikamome isnt ... you can look up for yourself if all your destinations in Tokyo are easily reachable by one of the subways where that pass is valid AND if you do enough each day (we donft know how long you will stay), but a simple IC card would seem easiest.

If you come and return to Narita, there are some passes that either offer a return ticket with the NEX within a set amount of days (again we donft know how long youfll stay) but also a similar deal for Keisei and I think even one that contains some travel within Tokyo.

Ultimately all depends on
- duration of stay
- which lines you will take in Tokyo
- how much travel youfll do every day
- if you will occasionally walk between places or always want to take subway, train, bus...

This is what this webpage thinks about the passes for inside Tokyo: gA whole variety of day passes is available for the Tokyo area, however, most of them are overpriced and/or not very practical because they do not cover all of Tokyo's train and subway lines. Consequently, single tickets or prepaid cards usually come cheaper, especially if you plan your city sightseeing in a geographically wise way.h and here further detailed info: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2017.html#section_passes

And here transport options from Narita : https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2027.html

The cheapest is the 1000 yen bus to Tokyo station and Ginza.

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!

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Re: Best Option for Travel? 2019/3/14 06:29
A return ticket for either Keisei railway eg Skyliner or JR railway eg Narita Express.
You can get limosine buses for around 1000-1200 yen each way, to and from Narita.

both these options are well documented online for you to decide which is best for you.

You wont need any pass for traveling around Tokyo itself as you are only doing very short distances, and different railways and subways whose passes do not cover each other. An IC card like Suica would be fine to use.
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Re: Best Option for Travel? 2019/3/14 08:05
If you are in Japan 14 days or less and you want to use the NEX this ticket probably makes the most sense.


Enjoy your trip!
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